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Gas line rupture leads to building evacuations in Vernon (NJ) (April 2017)

A piece of equipment working at a construction site ruptured a natural gas line, causing nearby homes and businesses to be evacuated

2 dozen Syracuse (NY) residents, near SU campus, evacuated after gas line hit on Madison Street (April 2017)

A construction worker accidentally hit a 1-inch natural gas line with a backhoe

Service restored after gas line rupture prompts evacuations in Lubbock (TX) (April 2017)

The rupture occurred when City of Lubbock crews were digging to repair a water line

Gas line ruptured at USC (CA) campus, building evacuated (April 2017)

A third party excavation crew struck a 2-inch natural gas line causing traffic delays and evacuations of nearby buildings

Several homes evacuated after north Columbus (OH) gas leak (April 2017)

A construction crew ruptured a natural gas line. prompting firefighters to evacuate residents of several homes

Broken gas line causes detours & evacuations in Ada (MN) (April 2017) 

Construction crews were doing some digging when they ruptured a gas line

Gas leak closes Court Street in Beatrice (NE) (April 2017)

A natural gas pipeline was ruptured by crews working on a section of Highway 136

Firefighters respond to gas leak in Carrolton (MO) (April 2017)

Reports indicate that crews in the area struck a gas line when they were working

Prairie Grove (AR) family installing mailbox ruptures gas line (April 2017)

A gas leak was fixed in Prairie Grove, but it serves as a reminder to call before digging

Schools checked following gas leak in Upper Sandusky (OH) (April 2017)

A work crew ruptured a gas line causing the evacuation of five nearby homes

Gas leak shuts down street in downtown Winston-Salem (NC) (April 2017)

City workers hit a gas line while working on a nearby sewer line, causing the leak

Gas leak triggers shelter-in-place orders in Temecula (CA) neighborhood (April 2017)

Firefighters were called after a 4-inch gas main was ruptured by construction equipment

Construction caused gas-line rupture in Providence (RI) (March 2017)

A gas line rupture that closed I-95  was caused by construction on a nearby pipeline

Gas leak repaired, New Bern (NC) street reopens after natural gas leak (March 2017)

City crews working on a new sidewalk accidentally hit the gas line causing the rupture

Ninth Street closed after gas line break downtown Lincoln (NE) (March 2017)

A construction crew digging in the area hit a gas line

Gas leak prompts evacuation of Jefferson County (KY) public school (March 2017)

A utility company contractor caused a gas line rupture while digging near the school

Northwest Portland’s (OR) Pizzicato Pizza reopens after gas explosion (March 2017)

The gas line explosion was caused after an excavator digging a hole hit and dislodged a pipe carrying natural gas

Ruptured gas line results in street closing in Garden City (KS) (March 2017)

The nature gas line was ruptured by a construction crew working on a street widening project

Gas leak sparks fire, evacuations in downtown Fort Worth (TX) (March 2017)

A construction crew ruptured a gas line which ignited, causing evacuations, power outages and roadblocks

Beavercreek (OH) Target evacuated for reported gas leak (March 2017)

A worker operating a piece of machinery hit a gas line causing a leak

Buildings evacuated after gas line hit in downtown Davenport (IA) (March 2017)

A gas line was hit by a construction crew while doing work on a nearby sewer line

Gas leak capped in Boca Raton (FL) neighborhood; workers struck pipe (March 2017)

Construction workers hit a small gas line, utility company makes repairs

Building evacuated after gas leak in Wildwood (NJ) (March 2017)

About eight people were evacuated from a multifamily building after construction workers ruptured a gas line

Gas Main Break Closes Lee Street In Des Plaines (IL) (March 2017)

Contractors working on a townhome construction project struck a gas main

Business evacuates after gas leak in Panama City Beach (FL) (March 2017)

Construction workers dug into the ground and hit a natural gas pipeline

Gas leak prompts evacuations in Central Lubbock (TX) (March 2017)

A maintenance crew working in an alley accidentally hit a gas line disrupting service to 49 homes

Gas leaks closed section of FM 519 in La Marque (TX) (March 2017)

An excavation crew hit a natural gas line while drilling for a water pipeline

Gas leak causes evacuations, including a daycare, on Boadway (TX) (March 2017)

A gas line was struck by a city of Lubbock pipeline maintenance crew conducting repairs on a sewer pipe

All clear after gas line rupture at Austin Peay State University (TX) (March 2017)

Officials said the incident happened Wednesday in the area near the Trahern Building, forcing its evacuation

Gas line ruptures at Muskegon (MI) fire scene (March 2017)

An excavator broke a gas line while attempting to knock down the structure which previously caught fire

Cut gas line in downtown Dallas (TX) sparks fire (March 2017)

A construction crew ruptured the gas line when doing work on an unrelated project nearby

Gas line rupture partially closes Missoula (MT) neighborhood (March 2017)

A  contractor doing some utility work in the area hit a two-inch gas line

A gas leak closes Chicago Avenue in Harrisonburg (VA) (March 2017)

Firefighters say a construction crew hit a gas line while digging

Crews working to repair ruptured gas line in Ocean View (VA) (March 2017)

Crews are working to repair a gas line damaged when a third party struck the gas line and damaged it

A gas line break near Grand Junction (CO) forces local elementary school to shelter-in-place (March 2017) 

Firefighters tested for natural gas within the school during the incident, and nothing was found

Havre (MT) business evacuated when a gas line was ruptured by a construction worker (March 2017)

A crew repaired the damaged gas line, and no injuries were reported

Gas line ruptures while county crews clean up homeless encampment (March 2017)

Cleanup efforts were halted after an excavator hit a gas line

Gas leak occurred after a line was broken in Aberdeen (SD)  (March 2017)

A gas line was hit with a skid loader when a local businessman smoothing gravel

Three San Jose (CA) homes evacuated, 10 sheltering in place after gas line ruptures (March 2017)

About 10 homes were under a shelter in place order , no injuries were reported

Buildings in Hudson (OH) evacuated after a ruptured gas line (March 2017)

Multiple buildings were evacuated after a snow plan ruptured a gas line

Shelter in place for three Katy (TX) neighborhoods after gas leak (February 2017)

Construction crews hit a gas line according to the city’s Office of Emergency Management Facebook page

Gas line break in Rosewood (SC) fixed (February 2017)

Crews were called to the scene to fix the leak while Rosewood Elementary School was evacuated

Flames burst from a ruptured natural-gas pipeline west of Wagoner (OK) (February 2017)

A crew preparing a phone line bored through the ground and struck the six-inch line

Gas crews work to repair damaged pipeline near Kingsburg (CA) (February 2017)

The 10-inch, high-pressure natural gas line was damaged by a large tractor

Crews puncture gas line in Palm Beach County (FL) (February 2017)

A construction crew using an excavator hit a 2-inch natural gas line

Evacuations lifted after broken gas line repaired in Town ‘N Country (FL) (February 2017)

A gas leak occurred when construction crews, using an auger, struck the 2-inch line

Construction causes multiple gas leaks around downtown Columbia (MO) (February 2017)

Construction workers struck several underground gas lines causing multiple gas leaks around downtown Columbia

Work crew hits gas line, Racino (OK) evacuated (February 2017)

A sub-contractor hit a gas line causing a large gas leak

Gas leak closes part of College Avenue in Columbia (MO) (February 2017)

Construction workers working on a sewer line project ruptured a natural gas line

Firefighters respond to a gas line explosion in Rome Township (PA) (2017)

The gas line explosion happened when workers blew out the line and didn’t tell anybody

Gas line rupture knocked out light rail in Downtown Jersey City (NJ) more than 3 hours (February 2017)

Light rail service between the Exchange Place and Newport stations was suspended when a gas line was struck by a construction crew

Gas line break causes classroom break at Mississippi college (February 2017)

Workers hit the natural gas line at the construction site of the new STEM building

Owens Community College (OH) evacuated after gas-line rupture (February 2017)

A gas line leak occurred while a crew worked on a nearby project, no injuries were reported

Natural gas line ruptured in Brevard County (FL) (February 2017)

A construction crew ruptured a natural gas line at a construction site adjacent to the outdoor mall

Workers strike Canton (OH) gas lines in separate incidents (February 2017)

Contractors ruptured two gas lines in Canton, OH

Hutchinson (KS) gas leak contained (February 2017)

A was contained  after a tree spade severed the line

Firefighters respond to gas leak in Columbia (SC) (February 2017)

Chief Aubrey Jenkins said that crews were doing some digging and hit a gas line

Cascade gas work crew ruptures, repairs (WA) gas line  (February 2017)

About four homes evacuated when a work crew ruptured a gas line while fixing a leak going into a residence

Ruptured gas line in South Fayette (PA) forces residents to evacuate (February 2017)

A construction crew ruptured a gas line, which prompted residents in the area to be evacuated

(OR) Mobile home park evacuated due to gas leak (February 2017)

A gas line was struck by heavy equipment working in the park

Gas leak under repair in Atlantic (IA) (February 2017)

A gas line was ruptured by construction crews digging in the area

Gas line rupture disrupts West Tupelo (MS) traffic (January 2017)

Construction workers ruptured a natural gas line with digging

Paris (TX) gas leak plugged quickly (January 2017)

A local company was digging when they hit a large gas line and punctured a hole in it

Downtown Milwaukee’s (WI) gas line rupture shuts down construction of building (January 2017)

Crews working near major construction site rupture gas line

Worker ruptures pipe; Healy Meadows (NY) evacuated (January 2017)

A gas line ruptured after a worker struck a pipe while digging

Gas leak prompts evacuations near Santa Barbara (CA) Cottage Hospital (January 2017)

A city crew working on a nearby water line damaged a 2-inch natural gas line 

Gas line break that prompted evacuations, detour in Cocoa Beach (FL) fixed (January 2017)

Firefighters said a small residential gas line was ruptured while a crew was installing a fence

High-pressure gas line ruptures on Wallace Community College (AL) campus (January 2017)

Construction workers ruptured the high-pressure gas line causing traffic delays

Emergency, NIPSCO crews work on Chicago gas leak (January 2017)

 A Construction crew ruptured a natural gas line, forcing the evacuation of nearby homes

Asbury Park (NJ) gas leak forces evacuations of more than 100 residents (January 2017)

Contractors working in the area hit a gas main, causing a “significant leak”

Construction crews hit gas line near Royal Palm Beach (FL) (January 2017)

A construction crew was digging near a school when they struck a 2-inch gas line

Demolition crew ruptures fas line leading to the evacuation of a nearby fast food restaurant (January 2017)

Carbon (CA) firefighters evacuate area after third-party crew ruptures gas line

Construction crew ruptures gas main buried under the service road in Fall River (MA) (January 2017)

Students and staff at the neighboring Letourneau school evacuated as a precaution

Tampa (FL) police closed Bruce B. Downs Boulevard after an excavator hit and ruptured a 6-inch gas line (January 2017)

A stretch of a busy Tampa road closed on Tuesday afternoon after a construction crew broke a gas line 

Several homes evacuated after gas line rupture in Greenfield (MA) (December 2016)

Crew using an excavator to repair water line hit a gas line causing evacuations, street closures

Chicago (IL) family left with cold home after main break (December 2016)

A construction crew ruptured a gas line while trying to fix a water main break

Southlake (TX) natural gas pipe damaged by a construction crew (December 2016)

Southlake neighborhood evacuated due to gas leak

Texas Gas leak caused by contractors working on waterlines (December 2016)

Gas leak causes Huntsville Police Department to shut down the street to repair the leak

Evacuations lifted, Colorado Springs (CO) road reopened after gas leak (December 2016)

A construction company hit a natural gas line and caused the leak

(TX) Gas leak caused by contractors working on waterlines (December 2016)

Break in the gas line was caused by a crew member working on replacing a waterline

Pine (AZ) water repair crew cuts into gas line (December 2016)

Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District workers inadvertently pinched a gas line with a backhoe

Evacuation order lifted in Noe Valley (CA) after gas main break (December 2016)

Gas line damaged by a third-party contractor digging in San Francisco’s Dolores Heights neighborhood according to a utility spokesperson

Auger truck digging a hole hit a natural gas line stopping traffic for about four hours (December 2016)

Indiantown (FL) road closed for about five hours Wednesday due to a natural gas leak

Half-moon (NY) apartment owner working with backhoe causes natural gas leak (December 2016)

Property owner accidentally hit a natural gas line while operating a small backhoe casing the line to rupture

Gas pipeline rupture sparks fire in Missouri; no injuries (November 2016)

A Platte County Sheriff’s Department dispatcher says the fire was reported about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in Platte County, the fire was later extinguished.

Natural gas pipe damaged in crawfish pond construction in Louisiana (November 2016)

Firefighters discovered that a while a construction company was scraping a field, an 8-inch, 300-PSI, high-pressure natural gas transportation line was ruptured.

Ruptured gas line ignites near Wyoming hospital  (November 2016)

The break happened when construction equipment hit the gas line Wednesday afternoon. A fire broke out.

Gas leak closes I-271 in both directions in Warrensville Heights (OH) (November 2016)

A construction crew hit a gas line, police said

Residential gas line was ruptured while a home was being demolished in Wisconsin (November 2016)

La Crescent Fire Department responded, along with natural gas company

One Dead, 12 Injured After Gas Explosion In Canton, Illinois (November 2016)

The explosion happened while a crew with Ameren Illinois, a gas and electric delivery company, had been “in the process of making repairs” to a gas leak in the area

Gas leak backs up drivers on 101A in New Hampshire (November 2016)

While the crew was excavating concrete, a large gas line broke open, said Merrimack Fire Chief

Gas line break closes part of Goucher Street in Westmont, Pennsylvania (November 2016)

Fire Chief said a contractor was digging a new sewer line at a home when he hit an unmarked gas main

Colonial Pipeline explosion kills one in Alabama (October 2016)

Blaze sparked when contract workers using a trackhoe was performing maintenance on the system

Worker dies in pipeline accident, PUC steps up calls for reform (July 2015)

A man operating a backhoe struck and hit an unmarked, high pressure gas line

Gas leak explosion closes down portion of Dort Highway in Flint (June 2015)

Consumers did not adequately mark the entire scope of the Miss Dig work ticket

East Harlem apartment explosion, killing 8/injuring 70 (March 2014)

As crews search for survivors, they discover only more victims

Northern Natural Gas near Fremont Nebraska (March 2014)

Fireball erupts from natural gas explosion

Hiland natural gas pipeline explosion, no injuries (February 2014)

Natural gas explosion near Tioga

Columbia Gulf gas pipeline explosion in Knifely, Kentucky (February 2014)

Blast rocks Kentucky natural gas pipeline amid storm

TransCanada natural gas pipeline explodes near Winnipeg (January 2014)

Natural gas pipeline explodes near Otterburne, Man.

Derailment in Casselton, North Dakota spills 400,000 gallons of crude (December 2013)

Evacuation for Casselton after a fiery derailment

Derailment in rural Alabama, spills nearly 750,000 gallons (November 2013)

Train derailment spills into surrounding wetlands

Northern Natural Gas, no injuries (October 2013)

Pipeline explosion: Harper County, Oklahoma, blast under investigation after Northern Natural Gas fire

Natural gas pipeline explodes in western Illinois (August 2013)

Natural Gas Pipeline Causes Cornfield to Explode in Western Illinois

Natural gas pipeline near Oklahoma City (August 2013)

Pipeline explosion, fire reported in Pittsburg county

Train derails in Lac Megantic, Quebec, killing 47 (July 2013)

Freight train carrying crude oil derailed, causing a massive explosion in downtown Quebec

Two freight trains crashed and triggered collapse of a highway overpass (May 2013)

Two freight trains collide in Missouri, bringing down overpass

Arkansas crude oil pipeline ruptured, 22 homes evacuated (March 2013)

Clean up begins for Mayflower oil spill

Leveling 4 houses in WV and impacting 40 families (December 2012)

Gas line explodes in West Virginia; homes burn, freeway damaged

P&L freight train de-rail near West Point, KY (November 2012)

Derailed tanker burns, with no end in sight

World Wide Tours bus crash in New York, 15 died, 17 injured (March 2011)

Horrific bus crash kills 15 on Bronx-Westchester border

San Bruno PG&E Explosion, killing 8 (September 2010)

San Bruno fire levels neighborhood – gas explosion

Kalamazoo River oil spill (July 2010)

Michigan oil spill among largest in midwest history: Kalamazoo spill soaks wildlife

Connecticut power plant explosion, killed 5, injured 50 (February 2010)

Connecticut power plant blast ‘dozens injured or dead’

I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse, killing 13/ injuring 145 (August 2007)

Bridge collapse in Minneapolis kills at least 7

New York City steam explosion, Consolidated Edison steam pipe from 1924 failure, 1 fatality (July 2007)

Steam explosion jolts Manhattan, killing 1

Big Dig ceiling collapse, killing 1, Boston, MA (July 2006)

Boston tunnel collapse kills newlywed

Olympic Pipeline explosion near mall Renton, WA. (May 2004)

Wear caused gas leak in Olympic pipeline

1-40 bridge collapse, killing 14 (May 2002)

Bridge collapse in Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, caused by tow-boat