At Aii, we want to get you engaged. When you know more, you can impact the world around you. Below, you can find interactive resources to get you started!



Who says infrastructure has to be boring? Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, policymaker, public official or something in between, this resource will get you up to speed on a wide range of complex topics. You’ll walk away better informed, and more curious than you came. Get started learning now!


Aii in Action

We may be a virtual nonprofit, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t active! Take a look at the events, panels, interviews, and coalitions Aii has joined to make an impact. From Washington D.C. to Warsaw, Poland, and beyond, our experts are in the fray and keeping the conversation going. Find us at a conference or on cable news, and in the meantime, catch up on all you’ve missed!


Ask the Expert

Have questions? This is your opportunity to ask our experts whatever is on your mind. When you submit questions to @AiiNonProfit with #AskAii, we research the topic and produce a short educational video answering the infrastructure, energy, climate, and technology questions. And sometimes, we ask you!


Data Displays

Check out our interactive maps! Here we display data from pipeline incidents across the country, where electric vehicle charging stations are located, and more!


Video Resources

Visit our virtual Think Tank Row to see what others are saying about innovation, energy, infrastructure, and more. Aii exists to educate the public, from students to public policy leaders. We want to encourage robust debate and conversation about the most important topics in America and even the world. It is important to challenge what we know about a topic and see new perspectives. This is a small sampling of the resources out there. Now go get learning!