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The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure is closer and more accessible than ever. Through interviews, references, and citations, the media look to Aii for reliable non-partisan research on critical issues facing our nation. Take a look at some of the national outlets featuring Aii In The Media.




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Welcome to the Chairman’s Corner.  Former federal regulator and Chairman and Founder of Aii, Brigham McCown will be highlighting what’s been going on in the innovation and infrastructure related industries.



Incentivize Growth

Sometimes it seems like Groundhog Day. After all, last year we were having the same discussion, “Are we ready for the infrastructure bill?” The truth is this country has needed a comprehensive infrastructure policy for decades. And while politicians love to talk about infrastructure, they seem to come up short year after year.


Throughout the Nineteenth Century, the economic success of our country was made possible by our unrelenting zeal to building infrastructure. We became a connected people. A place where you could take trains to any part of the country where you could simply cruise on highways and byways and newly minted interstates courtesy of Pres. Eisenhower’s vision for a connected America. We also took to the sky in great numbers as commercial air transportation became affordable for almost everyone and our energy infrastructure brought cheap electricity and gas from far away production sites to our cities, homes, and factories.


And then it stopped.


Now don’t get me wrong…


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