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Policy Studies

Policy Studies

Challenges to Increasing Non-Federal Investment in Private Infrastructure:How Can the U.S. Turn $200B into $1.5T? (March 2018)

Policy Brief: 5G Primer (October 2017)

Building a Smarter Electric Grid: How Investing In Smarter Electricity Will Energize America (July 2017)

ARCTIC PROMISE: Challenges and Opportunities in Realizing the Next Generation of U.S. Arctic Infrastructure (February 2017)

The Energy (Dis)Union: Challenges and Opportunities in the Emerging Market (October 2016)

Policy Recommendations for Improving Railroad Safety (October 2016)

Improving Upon Our Dig Laws: How State Legislatures Can Help Us Dig Safer (August 2016)

Infrastructure Resiliency: Preventing Damage Through Critical Investments (July 2016)

Critical InvestmentsFinal Regulations Facilitating Commercial Drone Use Announced (June 2016)

Damage Prevention Report Card (June 2016)

Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund: Broken or Misused? (May 2016)

Policy Brief: Innovation in the P3 Marketplace (May 2016)

The Somewhat Turbulent Journey of Delivery Drones (April 2016)

Balancing Environmental Protection and National Infrastructure Development (April 2016)

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Reauthorization (March 2016)

Are P3’s a Practical Tool to Tackle the Growing Infrastructure Debt? (February 2016)

Driverless Cars (February 2016)

Intelligent Roads (January 2016)

The Jones Act: Protectionism V Global Trade (January 2016)

Energy Storage (December 2015)

Can America Afford to Defund Rural Infrastructure? (December 2015)

Time Running out for Highway Funding Bill ( November 2015)

An Energy (Dis)Union: Challenges and Opportunities in Europe’s Emerging Energy Markets (November 2015)

Back on Track: Bringing Rail Safety into the 21st Century (August 2015)

The Highway Trust Fund: A History, Analysis, Discussion, and Assessment for Improving Solvency (May 2015)