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Policy Studies

Policy Studies

Aii produces a range of content to help educate different audiences. Whether you are a teacher, tradesman, blue collar or white, you will find our research, analysis, and insight through our publications and other site content. Take some time to read through policy areas that interest you. From shorter policy briefs to get you up to speed to deep dives into technical issues, Aii strives to provide the content you need to better understand our world and help improve the nations infrastructure, economy, security, and safety.

Our staff, board members, and advisors frequently highlight important topics in national media outlets. Also see our media mentions, where Aii is quoted in publications across the country.



The Hill: As transportation evolves, we all need to pay our fair share (2.12.2020)



InsideSources: Congress Must Thwart China’s Incremental Invasion (10.28.2019)

FEE: How This GPS App Uses Incentives To Overcome The Bystander Effect (10.3.2019)

Forbes: No More Status Quo As Pipeline Safety Takes A Big Step Forward (10.1.2019)

Daily Times: Let’s address the facts when it comes to pipelines, energy (9.7.2019)

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Penn Live: Mariner East II provides a chance to define regulatory roles (5.11.2019)

Duluth News Tribune: National View: Pipeline protesters risk environment, communities (3.13.2019)

FEE: The Trolley Problem and Self-Driving Cars (3.9.2019)

Holding All Things Together: Benefits of Pipelines and Natural Gas (3.2.2019)

The Hill: Sensible economic rail regulation (2.28.2019)

Forbes: Why Pipeline Opposition Undermines Environmental Progress And Safety (1.17.2019)



Forbes: China On The March: Cybersecurity And Hidden Risks (12.17.2018)

Forbes: The Never-Ending Saga Of The Keystone Pipeline (11.10.2018)

Forbes: Pipelines Strike Back: Are Cybersecurity Concerns Full Of Hot Air? (11.1.2018)

Forbes: Wildfires And Energy, Will California Get It Right? (8.31.2018)

Flash Point with Ryan Mills: U.S. energy infrastructure, pipelines (7.23.2018)

Forbes: Senate To Probe Growing Cybersecurity Threats, Is Energy Infrastructure Safe? (7.11.2018)

Forbes: Is Reliable Energy Storage On The Horizon? (6.19.2018)

Forbes: What Ever Happened To The Dakota Access Pipeline? (6.4.2018)

Forbes: Could Clean Coal Actually Become A Reality? (5.31.2018)

Forbes: Dutch Energy Decisions May Impact Foreign Investment (4.18.2018)

Forbes: Are New Pipeline Infrastructure Projects Doomed? (4.4.2018)

Forbes: Trump’s Solar Panel Tariff Decision Leaves Almost Everyone Unhappy (1.24.2018)



The Hill: Missing train safety deadlines gambles with riders’ lives (12.20.2017)

Forbes: Nebraska State Regulators Approve Keystone XL Pipeline, Or Do They? (11.21.2017)

Forbes: Why Messing With The U.S. Solar Industry Is Bad For The Economy (11.6.2017)

Forbes: A Lesson From Hurricanes Harvey And Irma: Prioritize U.S. Infrastructure (10.30.2017)

Forbes: The Lights Are Back On In Florida (9.16.2017)

Forbes: Unsung Heroes Of Harvey (9.1.2017)

InsideSources: PHMSA Should Play a More Active Role in Protecting Natural Gas Pipelines (8.23.2017)

Forbes: Baseload Power Will Keep The Lights On (7.27.2017)

Forbes: Government Says Cheap Gasoline Prices Here To Stay (7.17.2017)

The Hill: Energize America: Invest in a smarter electricity infrastructure (7.11.2017)

The Denver Post: Firestone explosion an unfortunate reminder excavation laws need updating (6.25.2017)

Drone Radio Show: Drones & Our Infrastructure (4.22.2017)

The Hill: Next generation of U.S. Arctic infrastructure investment awaiting action from President Trump (2.17.2017)

Public Policy Digest: Tackling the Infrastructure Deficit: Using Private Dollars for Public Projects (2.2016)

Forbes: Trump Declares “Build It Now” In Newly Issued Infrastructure Actions (1.24.2017)

TechCrunch: Most pressing infrastructure needs do not require federal money or approval (1.18.2017)



Forbes: OPEC Agrees To Crude Oil Production Cuts But Will It Matter? (11.30.2016)

Forbes: The 2016 First Presidential Debate, Who Won? (9.26.2016)

Plain Talk with Rob Port: Former Top Pipeline Regulator Talks Dakota Access (9.14.2016)

The Hill: The evolving electricity sector and the case for reform (9.14.2016)

Forbes: Foreign Energy Giant Snaps Up Houston Based Energy Company For $28 Billion (9.6.2016)

Forbes: Arctic Development Can Help Ensure National And Energy Security (7.26.2016)

MarineLink: Fix the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Now … or in 2027 (7.21.2016)

Forbes: Protecting Alaska’s Economic And Energy Future (6.15.2016)

The Hill: The only $10 billion the Government refuses to spend (5.17.2016)

The Hill: The European energy union: A win for both continents (4.5.2016)

European Energy Journal: Chairman Publishes Report in European Energy Journal (3.29.16)

FuelFix: U.S. Finally Flexing Energy Muscle on Global Stage (1.12.2016)



FuelFix: Can the U.S. Help Integrate European Energy Markets? (12.9.2015)

FuelFix: American crude oil exports are a game changer (11.16.2015)

FuelFix: DOE Report Reveals Cracks in U.S. Energy Infrastructure (11.3.2015)

FuelFix: New technologies push clean energy boundaries (9.28.2015)

The Hill: Sensible rail safety improvements are right around the bend (08.10.2015)

FuelFix: Texas Flooding Reveals Deficient Infrastructure (7.15.2015)

ABC: ABC World News Tonight, Aii Chairman, Brigham McCown talks rail safety (07.10.15)

FuelFix: Appeals court tosses suits challenging Obama climate change plan (6.9.2015)

FuelFix: Rebuilding the Nation’s Aging Energy Network (5.4.2015)

National Journal: Magazine feature with Executive Director, Shane Skelton (04.18.2015)

FuelFix: REST Act Aims to Streamline Transportation  (04.15.2015)

FuelFix: A Bright Future for Renewable Energy (3.26.2015)

C-SPAN: Oil Transportation Safety and Pipelines (2.20.2015)

McCown: West Virginia Train Derailment Raises Safety Concerns Over Crude By Rail (2.19.2015)

FuelFix: Should we allow further drilling on public land? (1.23.2015)

The Hill: Congress can help make freight transportation safer and more efficient (1.12.2015)



FuelFix: Can Renewables Power the Future? (12.5.2014)

FuelFix: Is Your Energy Bill Too High? (10.28.2014)

The Hill: Under our streets (10.21.14)

PR Newswire: New Educational Non-Profit to Tackle Nation’s Infrastructure Woes (10.21.14)

FuelFix: Streamlining Transparency for the Energy Network (10.13.2014)

FuelFix: Pipeline Modernization Needed to Embrace Energy Potential (10.6.2014)