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About Us


About Aii

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) is an independent, national, educational organization dedicated to identifying our nation’s infrastructure needs, creating awareness of those needs, and finding solutions to critical public policy challenges. Aii strives to promote proven, innovative technology and higher safety standards in a non-partisan manner to achieve excellence nationwide.

Our Goals and Purpose

Our goal is to create higher standards by promoting innovative technologies and safer outcomes for national infrastructure projects. Our purpose is to support infrastructure issues providing greater awareness, influence, analysis, and assistance in formulating solutions to achieve improvements, advancements, and opportunities.

Inside Look

The Alliance consists of two non-profits, the National Infrastructure Safety Foundation (NISF) 501(c)(4) and the Public Institute for Facility Safety (PIFS) 501(c)(3). Both non-profits consist of volunteer boards of directors who legally govern the Alliance. These boards also work in conjunction with the Alliance’s own volunteer Advisory Council.

What We Do

Aii promotes infrastructure best practices to achieve higher industry standards in the areas of safety, technology, and streamlined performance. We are dedicated to finding solutions to the many challenges our national infrastructure systems currently face and working tirelessly to improve the systems’ capabilities, capacities, and security procedures. We do this through research and analysis of complex problems and by producing educational materials from informational diagrams to policy blogs, briefs, and white papers. We host and attend lectures, panels, and events to bring stakeholders and policymakers together and encourage robust conversation on policy issues.

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