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Can winter weather freeze and damage pipeline?

Definitely. Water pipe and home lines can freeze easily. The cold can also impact natural gas and petroleum pipelines, but many are buried and insulated from the effects of harsh weather.

How do solar panels work if there's no sunlight?

In short: they don’t. Solar panels require photons emitted by the sun to hit their panels and create an electrical flow. Without sunshine, this process cannot work. That is why solar panels and power storage go hand in hand.

How many bridges are there in the U.S.?

The United States has over 600,000 bridges! And in 2019, over 46,100 were deemed to be structurally deficient!

What do colored flags represent?

Small colored flags and spray paint represent underground pipelines, cables, wires, and other buried facilities. The flags and spray paint mean that someone may be digging soon. It is important to call 811 before any digging to protect these utilities!

What is the benefit of owning an electric vehicle?

The average American pays over $200 each year in federal gas tax alone! Add in state and local gas and the tax is high – not to mention the cost of gas itself. EVs avoid this expense and emit less pollution. But their electricity may still come from coal power plants!

When did telecommunication lines start being built underground?

“Undergrounding” is the practice of burying power lines and other facilities. It has been going on for decades. Right now, there are over 20 million miles of pipeline, power lines, cable, and wires under your feet in America.

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