Welcome, Teachers!

We are excited that you are interested in Aii’s lesson plans! Each plan is classroom-ready and calibrated to help propel you, fellow teachers, and your students to learn and engage with innovation and infrastructure in the world around them.

Aii is intentionally reaching out to the younger demographic because we understand that it’s our youth who will be building and governing the future. In order to make change, we must instill in them a strong foundation of educational material to encourage interest and responsibility. These lesson plans home in on our main issue areas, written in four different age-appropriate styles. Need a specific topic or want us to cover a new subject? Let us know!

For activities and exercise you can share with your students and children, visit our K-12 Curriculum or our YouTube. Scroll down to find lesson plans by age range.

Scroll down to find activities, exercises, and lesson plans according to your age range!

Pre-K to Kindergarten

Are you or other teachers looking for some engaging material for your classroom or home? Let Aii help you out! Here are some resources specifically designed to help young children think creatively, learn about the world around them, and fill a few minutes of your day constructively!

How Things Move

For this lesson:

Invite your students to learn about how different forms of transportation move!

Grades 1-4

There is so much happening in the world, and your kids and students can be a part of it! If you want to cultivate the next generation of inventors, teachers, or even presidents, insert some extra resources to get their minds working! Get started by teaching the basics about technology, innovation, and infrastructure!


For this lesson:

Use this lesson to introduce your students to drones!

 Interview with Drone Pilots | Duration: 7:21

Grades 5-8

Your students are starting to notice the world’s biggest challenges and are ready to make a difference. Equip them with the right knowledge and skills, and there is nothing they can’t do! Get started today teaching all they need to know about technology, innovation, public policy, and infrastructure!

Solar Power

For this lesson:

Invite your students to learn about how the earth receives solar energy!

 What is Solar Energy? | Duration: 18:27

Grades 9-12

Your students are preparing to enter the world and make a difference. First, they’ll need some facts and information to understand how we got here and what challenge and solutions are already out there. Ready to help them change the world? Get started here.


For this lesson:

Ask your students about their familiarity with cybersecurity!

 Cyber Security Interview | Duration: 15:06