The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) is a 21st Century virtual nonprofit think tank. Aii was founded in 2014 as a nationwide public policy think tank dedicated to infrastructure and leverages the expertise and experience from a wide array of industries and professionals in major cities across the country.

Aii strives for efficiency to prevent waste on expensive overhead. Through our online content and public events, Aii streamlines its process to bring the best educational content and research to the public from its team of military veterans, construction experts, public policy analysts, lawyers, and professors.

We are neither conformists nor contrarians, but dedicated to balanced research and education on issues of critical importance to the United States and the world. We work to educate industry leaders, policymakers, and the general public and share information between them to advance infrastructure solutions through best practices, law, regulation, and public awareness. Still have questions? Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Aii.

Before reading on, here is our most asked question: How do we say and write your name? Easy! Call us the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure or simply Aii. That’s pronounced as three separate letters: [A i i]. But you don’t need any periods, dashes or caps lock. See this explainer blog for a full rundown on our name. Learn more about Aii below:

Innovation to Aii encompasses at least three main components:

  1. Novelty: The idea must be new, which can mean it is a completely new concept, a new application of an existing idea, or an incremental improvement on an existing idea.
  2. Value Creation: The idea must create value, which can be in various forms such as increased revenue, decreased costs, improved market share, or time savings. A critical way innovation leads to value creation is improvements to safety.
  3. Execution: The idea must be executed and implemented effectively. Without execution, an idea cannot create value and therefore cannot be considered innovative.

Innovation is crucial because it drives progress, improves safety, and enhances efficiency across various sectors, including infrastructure. It involves leveraging new technologies and creative solutions to address existing challenges and anticipate future needs. Aii emphasizes the importance of a regulatory environment that encourages innovation by focusing on performance rather than prescriptive regulations. This approach allows for flexibility in achieving desired outcomes while fostering creativity and efficiency in problem-solving.

Infrastructure includes the physical systems and structures that facilitate transportation, transmission, distribution, and storage for people, resources, energy, information, and goods.

At Aii, infrastructure is also viewed and analyzed through several key dimensions:

  1. Hard Infrastructure: This includes traditional physical systems such as roads, bridges, ports, railways, power, and telecommunication systems, as well as the physical components of information technology like cabling and servers. These elements are critical for the economic and social functions of society.
  2. Soft Infrastructure: This category refers to the institutions and industries that support the economic, health, and educational framework of society. Examples include education systems, healthcare facilities, banking and finance systems, postal services, and tourism. These elements are essential for the wellbeing and development of communities.
  3. Investment and Public Good: Economists define infrastructure as investments characterized by long duration and technical indivisibility. It often functions as a public good, meaning that its benefits are widely shared and users cannot be easily excluded from its use.
  4. Broad and Inclusive: Infrastructure extends beyond tangible assets to include virtual resources that support the flow, storage, and processing of data. The internet, for example, is considered a form of infrastructure due to its critical role in providing essential services such as communication, education, and financial transactions.
  5. Funding and Partnerships: Infrastructure projects are typically funded through a mix of public and private investments. Public infrastructure is often financed through taxes, while private infrastructure may be funded by businesses as part of their expansion efforts. Public-private partnerships (P3s) are also common, sharing the risks and rewards between public entities and private investors to expedite construction and maintenance while allowing for greater flexibility.

By recognizing these diverse elements, Aii promotes a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure that encompasses both its traditional and evolving aspects, aiming to ensure its resilience and efficiency for the future.

Aii or the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure was founded in 2014. While we were operating behind the scenes throughout the spring and summer of 2014, we made our official announcement on October 21, 2014. You can also read a write up that same day by Politico explaining that Aii is a

“new non-profit focused on infrastructure issues” “looking at anything that has an infrastructure component” that “is set up with both a 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 branches, allowing its divisions to operate as a think tank and perform outreach”

And DC-based InsideSources reached out for an interview the same week. More in the weeds, the National Infrastructure Safety Foundation received its IRS tax-exempt status effective on October 16, 2014 while the Public Institute for Facility Safety received its tax-exempt status effective on November 20, 2014. Each organization was incorporated at the state level as early as January 2014, before settling into federally recognized status and officially launching as Aii in the fall. Together, these two organizations form the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure. Aii is a unique nonprofit research and educational organization – a think tank – dedicated to infrastructure. We have been researching, education, and influencing the infrastructure debate across the United States for a decade.

Yes. The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure is a unique research and educational think tank made up of two nonprofit organizations. Rather than work on behalf of members or clients, we study the issues at the intersection of law, economics, and public policy across all areas impacting innovation and infrastructure. We provide research on important questions, insight on public policy solutions, and education to bring the challenges and solutions to wide audiences. Call us a think tank, non-profit,  research group, or educational organization.

Yes. The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure was founded in 2014 to study, educate on, and influence infrastructure issues across the United States. There are many think tanks, educational organizations, and research groups in the United States and many that include a focus on infrastructure – but Aii is the only nationwide public policy think tank dedicated to infrastructure. Others focus on energy or transportation, emphasize cybersecurity for infrastructure, or merely have infrastructure as a subtopic in their portfolio.

Infrastructure is the main focus at Aii. But we don’t stop there. We emphasize innovation first and foremost in our study of infrastructure and analysis of public policy solutions. We exist to help foster innovative solutions to current and future infrastructure challenges. We do this through research, education, and awareness.

We are focused on anything that has an infrastructure component, and include study on the daily use and function of our national infrastructure. That means tracking pipeline excavation incidents, railroad incident and safety data, and the policy surrounding our roads and bridges like the Highway Trust Fund. We study these and more to understand how American interact with infrastructure and how the systems and structures that make up our society relate to one another.

Aii has personnel across the country, and advisors and networks across the globe. We leverages remote work and the power of the Internet to research, collaborate, and educate across the country. Long before COVID-19, Aii was stewarding resources efficiently to avoid unneeded, costly office space and centralized staff. Our donations go directly to programatic uses on deliverable work products and meaningful research. While our primary presence is virtual at Aii.org, we are real people with a dedicated staff, board of directors, and advisory council. We also frequently host and attend lectures, panels, conferences, networking events, and more. Aii maintains a mailing address in Virginia due to our frequent work in the state and around the Washington, D.C. metro area. With team members in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and around the country, we seek ways to engage virtually or in person wherever critical infrastructure issues arise.

No, Aii is not a lobbying firm. Aii is a think tank dedicated to conducting research, analysis, and education on pressing public policy matters. We then offer our findings and material to media, academia, and anyone interested in the topic. Education is an important part of what we do. While we do seek to educate policy makers and professionals, we do this through traditional means by writing white papers, policy briefs, and blogs and by hosting or attending lectures, panels, and conferences. We simply provide the best information possible to individuals at every level, in office or not. Aii also includes a 501(c)(4) registered entity. Through this group, Aii is permitted to promote sound policies to public officials. This issue advocacy remains nonpartisan and independent, led by the data, highlighting innovative solutions to particular infrastructure challenges.

No. Aii is an independent research and educational nonprofit – a think tank. Aii does not represent any industry, nor does it have members or function as an association. The “Alliance” is made up of two nonprofits, each geared toward independent and nonpartisan research and education on innovation and infrastructure matters. We are an independent third-party validator of innovative solutions wherever they occur. Aii does not have clients or represent any businesses, industry, or sector. We ask questions and study the challenges to go where the innovation is. You may find Aii elevating a cutting edge regenerative braking system for commercial electric vehicles, discussing the use of drones for inspecting remote highway or rail infrastructure, or breaking down the safety record of pipelines. Our mission is to help foster innovative solutions to current and future infrastructure challenges. Any commendation or criticism of a particular practice or industry is the result of our independent pursuit of building a better, cleaner, more efficient, and safer world.

Aii is a nonpartisan educational and research organization. The Alliance is made up of two nonprofits: The National Infrastructure Safety Foundation (NISF), a 501(c)(4) and The Public Institute for Facility Safety (PIFS), a 501(c)(3). Each of these is governed by separate boards of directors. A volunteer Advisory Council assists the Alliance as a whole by providing decades of experience and insight. While two groups comprise the Alliance, Aii serves as one voice dedicated to identifying public policy challenges, researching solutions, and promoting innovation. Aii seeks to provide the public, policy makers, and industry leaders with the best educational material to understand the critical issues facing our nation and to improve safety, security, and best practices.

Aii primarily conducts research to bring complex problems to the public in a readable format. Our analysts, researchers, and experts produce white papers, policy briefs, OpEds, and blog content for readers at every level. Aii members frequently host or attend lectures, panels, and conferences to present our work or contribute to the conversation. Aii also strives to bring information in dynamic ways through multimedia and social platforms, answering your questions and presenting data in different ways. In short, we educate the public on public policy issues related to transportation, infrastructure, energy, technology, innovation, and more. Think of us as a research nonprofit, an educational organization, or a think tank, but we are here for you to get you up to speed and help you understand the world around you.

We want to be part of the solution and that means listening to others, asking questions, and seeking out  different views. We make informed and independent policy assessments. Sometimes we have great ideas, but we also listen to others.


Aii exists to identify challenges and solutions in energy, infrastructure, transportation, and a range of other policy areas. We educate to promote safety and innovation. We care about clean, abundant, and reliable energy, and transporting it safely to provide low-cost and effective access for Americans. We strive to promote best practices for damage prevention, to improve public safety and economic vitality by reducing excavation incidents. We encourage innovative solutions for maintaining our crumbling roads and bridges, transporting people, products, and energy resources, thwarting flood damage, and expediting technological advancements. We focus on all aspects of public policy from the underlying technical issues to the regulatory framework and more, encourage informed debate on best practices and ideal legislation, regulation, and industry action.

The Aii audience ranges from students and teachers to professionals and public officials. We provide a wide array of content from short policy blogs to more technical papers. We hope to educate and bring awareness of infrastructure, energy, and technological innovation to academia, media, and policy makers. We reach our audience primarily through Aii.org, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and contributions In The Media, as well as on various podcasts, news interviews, panels, lectures, and conferences.

Visit our classroom resources for material calibrated for the right age group from Pre-K through 12th grade. Visit us on social media to engage in conversation about what you’ve learned!

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure is an independent nonpartisan think tank. Our Advisory Council is evenly divided on party lines and our Board of Directors includes military, policy, legal, and other experts from diverse backgrounds. We research and educate on critical topics regardless of political expediency or public opinion. We seek to provide honest in-depth research into complex problems and articulate the challenges and solutions that are proven to work. We also encourage robust research, development, and innovation to confront the issues of the future. We do promote best practices, innovation, and regulatory reform where applicable.

We want to be part of the solution and that means listening to, and asking, others about their views. We make informed and unbiased policy assessments. Sometimes we have great ideas, but we also listen to others. As a non-partisan, non-industry specific third-party validator, Aii learns about the best ideas and credibly promotes smarter policies and regulations while highlighting safety initiatives and investments in innovative technologies across industries.

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure comprises two nonprofits: The National Infrastructure Safety Foundation (NISF), a 501(c)(4) and The Public Institute for Facility Safety (PIFS), a 501(c)(3). Your contributions to PIFS are fully tax-deductible. If you would like to donate to NISF 501 (c)(4), or are an institutional donor, please contact us directly with any questions.

As a nonprofit, Aii relies on generous donations from individuals, groups, and institutions. Without these contributions, we would be unable to research and educate on the nation’s critical infrastructure and energy challenges and solutions. Infrastructure is deficient in many places across the country and these and many of the problems seem to be impossible to solve. Aii accepts this challenge and works with a network of policy and industry professionals to research, create, and articulate solutions. With your support, we can improve public safety, economic growth, and sustainability.

You also help us encourage the next generation of innovators and educate the public and industry and policy leaders through out Virtual Classroom! Help us get people thinking and asking questions!

Our donors are you! We receive support from individuals and organizations. Our grassroots support comes through small donations at www.aii.org/donate and citizens concerned about our nation’s infrastructure and our educational mission.

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure complies with all federal laws governing 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4). We release annual financial disclosures available at the IRS website. We are nonpartisan and unaffiliated with the government or any administration. We do not receive federal or taxpayer funding. As a donor, your privacy is paramount. We do not release names or information about our donors without prior consent or legal requirement. Whether you are an individual or an institution, your donation helps us bring awareness of critical challenges and solutions facing our national infrastructure. For more information on donating or to find answers about our governance, nonprofit status, or donation information, please contact us at info@aii.org.

We put our donations to work in the most efficient way possible. As a virtual nonprofit, we are dedicated to preventing wasteful spending on unnecessary overhead and expenditures. Your donations help us to research complex issues, meet with policy and industry experts, and communicate them to the public. We host and attend lectures, panels, and conferences to bring our research and experts to more people.

Aii is currently accepting interns for Public Policy, Communications, and Education. Visit our Join The Team page to learn more. For information on jobs and how you can be a part of our team, reach out to info@aii.org. Attach a resume and tell us about your experience in public policy, law, communications, graphic design, or other field you can offer support.

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure is interested in any and all solutions to complex problems. We accept draft or fully prepared white papers, policy briefs, and blog articles. If you would like to pitch an idea to our team, send your suggestions to info@aii.org. Submissions should include your best contact information, a brief summary of who you are and what you are offering, and an attachment in PDF form of your product. Drafts should be in Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double spaced.

We encourage you to be involved in the conversation and solutions on infrastructure, energy, transportation, and innovation. Stay up to date by checking in here at Aii.org. Follow us for the latest content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Consider donating to help us expand and improve our impact. Send us your best ideas, questions, and submissions. Attend one of our lectures or panel discussions. Or simply reach out to share your expertise and partake in our network of experts.



You can reach us at info@aii.org for general questions or use our contact form here. Follow us on social media and send us a direct message. Our mailing address is 3033 Wilson Blvd, Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22201.

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure or simply “Aii” is not a registered entity. Instead, Aii is the brand name covering our two nonprofit entities, each founded in 2014. You will find information on the Public Institute for Facility Safety (PIFS) our 501(c)(3) and the National Infrastructure Safety Foundation (NISF) our 501(c)(4) with the IRS. To support Aii, your donation must go to one of these two organizations. Checks or payment to “The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure” or “Aii” will not be processed. All work we produce is branded as Aii, however, as the Alliance speaks with one voice, sharing the research findings and educational material from our two nonprofits for the strongest messaging and farthest reach possible.

If you are looking for us online, here are some simple ways to find us: @aiinonprofit is our social media handle for all our platforms. You can also try search engine terms like: Aii nonprofit, Aiinonprofit, Aii non profit, Aii non-profit, Aii think tank, or Aii infrastructure. You’ll have the best luck using quotation marks in your search, such as “alliance for innovation and infrastructure” and of course, you can always find us and tell your network to look us up directly at Aii.org.

  • Focus on improvements to infrastructure industries
  • Transform those industries with higher innovation and safety standards
  • Provide information and resources promoting better policies
  • Promote industry best practices
  • Educate the public and private sectors
  • Provide transparency, accountability, and quantifiable improvements

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