At Aii, we encourage and educate the next generation of innovators, builders, teachers, public officials, and more. Everyone needs to understand the complexity of the world around them, so we’ve created this resource to ensure every parent, teacher, and child has the information they need to make the world a better place and receive quality education. Our nonpartisan resources include basic education on energy and climate, transportation and infrastructure, and innovation all around us. It starts off small, but fans the curiosity within every student!


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Who says infrastructure has to be boring? Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, policymaker, public official or something in between, this resource will get you up to speed on a wide range of complex topics. You’ll walk away better informed, and more curious than you came. Get started learning now!

This general classroom covers all ages and lets you navigate to what interests you!


You are a self-motivated learner! Welcome to Aii’s K-12 Curriculum filled with educational resources. Guide yourself through lessons and activities on climate change, cutting edge innovation, and even public policy. Sound too boring? Don’t worry, we have videos, pictures, activities, and more!

Use for help on school projects, to impress your teachers, and to understand the world around you!



Have trouble finding all the material you need to teach your students and children about the world? Look no further, Aii has created activities, exercise, and lesson plans you can access at the click of a button. Download or print these materials and take them straight into the classroom, homeschool, or wherever your students are.

You can educate children from kindergarten to high school with these materials.

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The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure is a virtual nonprofit made up of two educational organizations. The National Infrastructure Safety Foundation (NISF) and the Public Institute for Facility Safety (PIFS). The Alliance exists to identify public policy challenges and produces educational policy outreach materials to encourage public debate and conversation on issues affecting infrastructure safety. Aii seeks to improve safety and efficiency by promoting proven innovative technology and higher safety standards to achieve excellence nationwide.

Through this page and others across the site, our experts bring analysis, review, and insight on major issues facing the nation. To see who is behind the material, check out our Team.

What to Expect

Aii has brought together experts to help explain our 21st Century life. As the world becomes more interconnected, things are moving faster and more dynamically, and it is harder to keep up with how –and why– things work. We have created and compiled resources to help you understand our world, from public policy to the technical aspects of green technology and vehicle engines.

Our team of attorneys, analysts, professors, regulators, and veterans bring you the information you want to know, and even some you didn’t know you needed. Aii is nonpartisan and aims to bring you just the facts. Here, you’ll find resources on blockchain, climate change, drones, energy, environment, infrastructure, regulation, renewables, transportation, and so much more.