Your Legacy. America's Future.

Your legacy is important. You can do good even after you are gone. At Aii, we believe individual citizens have a voice and an impact on our infrastructure, public policy, and technology. Your name will become a foundation stone of Aii’s effort to improve the world around us. To support Aii and our mission to promote innovative solutions, pro-growth policies, and rebuild America’s infrastructure for a new generation, contact us today.

By lending your legacy to Aii, you ensure that your name and our mission form the building blocks of a stronger, safer, and more sustainable future.

America’s infrastructure is critical to our way of life. Through rail, roadways, and waterways, it connects people and helps elevate underserved communities by providing access to goods and services. We must ensure it can continue to serve the needs of our children and the challenges they will encounter. Thank you for considering helping Aii promote infrastructure and innovative solutions for the current and future generations. Higher standards and public safety are a team effort. Join the effort today!


For more information on how to give, benefits of a legacy donation, or other ways to support Aii through one of our two nonprofits, contact us at The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) is made up of two nonprofit groups: the Public Institute for Facility Safety and the National Infrastructure Safety Foundation. While two groups comprise the Alliance, Aii serves as one voice dedicated to identifying public policy challenges, researching solutions, and promoting innovation.

When you give to Aii through PIFS, your donation is fully tax deductible and allows us to pursue independent, in-depth research and education. This research leads directly to changes in law at the local, state, and federal level because of our high-quality and nonpartisan education. We also promote real safety and innovative improvements to industry by highlighting best practices and encouraging adoption of higher standards. With your support, we are beginning the rebuilding of American infrastructure.


If you already have estate documents and want to give without redrafting your will, add a codicil. Ask your attorney if this is the right option for you.

Your Will

If you have not drafted estate documents yet or would like to create a new will, life insurance policy, or other estate instrument, you can use some of the language here to guide your drafting.


Once you have consulted your financial and legal professionals and confirmed your intent to give, let us know so we can plan ahead and begin cementing your legacy.