Aii publications include a range of content to help educate different audiences. No matter your age, background, or education, you will find our research, analysis, and insight through our publications and other site content. Take some time to read through policy areas that interest you. From shorter policy briefs to get you up to speed to deep dives into technical issues, Aii strives to provide the content you need to better understand our world and help improve the nations infrastructure, economy, security, and safety.

Our staff, board members, and advisors frequently highlight important topics in national media outlets. Also see In The Media, where Aii is quoted in publications across the country and where we contribute our analysis, opinion, and more.


Policy Blog

Keep updated with our policy blog posts that cover a variety of issues we find important. These three-minute reads cover current public policy, infrastructure challenges, and commentary from our experts and staff.



Our one-pagers are designed to introduce you to the basics of the world around you. They walk you through common questions like “how does this work” and the simple arguments for and against many of the boring or controversial topics you hear about every day. At Aii, our one-pagers are independent, non-partisan, and geared to a general audience. They pack valuable information into a single page to cover innovation, technology, infrastructure, and more.

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Research Library

Our white papers provide detailed and nuanced reports to guide policymakers and industry leaders through complex issues, offering pro-innovation solutions for public policy challenges that can be implemented nonpartisanly through law, regulation, or best practices. Our policy briefs introduce and familiarize you with various public policy areas, offering overviews, focused analyses, and recommendations, all written for the general public in just a few pages. Covering topics from innovation and technology to infrastructure, they help you get up to speed quickly. Get started now!


Letters and Statements

Our policy letters are how we go on record with Congress. Sometimes we are asked to testify or attend a hearing as subject matter experts. Other times, we highlight the importance and urgency of an issue for the Members to see. Here are a few of those instances.

Articles & OpEds

Take a look below at Aii’s Articles and OpEds placed in national media outlets.

Expert Forum

Want to read hard hitting and insightful OpEds by the key decision-makers, CEOs, public officials, and industry leaders keeping the country moving? Coming Soon.