Aii publications include a range of content to help educate different audiences. No matter your age, background, or education, you will find our research, analysis, and insight through our publications and other site content. Take some time to read through policy areas that interest you. From shorter policy briefs to get you up to speed to deep dives into technical issues, Aii strives to provide the content you need to better understand our world and help improve the nations infrastructure, economy, security, and safety.

Our staff, board members, and advisors frequently highlight important topics in national media outlets. Also see In The Media, where Aii is quoted in publications across the country and where we contribute our analysis, opinion, and more.


Policy Blogs

Keep updated with our policy blog posts that cover a variety of issues we find important. These three-minute reads cover current public policy, infrastructure challenges, and commentary from our experts and staff.

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Policy Briefs

Our policy briefs are designed to introduce and get you up to speed on different areas of public policy. They include overviews of a particular issue, focused looks at a challenge or solution, and recommendations for best practices or changes to policy. At Aii, we keep our policy briefs to a few pages and write at a level intended for the general public. They cover innovation, technology, and infrastructure from public policy to the technical aspects. Get started now!


White Papers

Our white papers are longer and more nuanced reports giving policymakers and industry leaders a clear roadmap through a complex issue. They cover a number of public policy challenges, focusing on pro-innovation solutions that can be implemented in a nonpartisan way through law, regulation, or simply best practices. Ready to tackle the nation’s infrastructure challenges? Start reading now!


Letters and Statements

Our policy letters are how we go on record with Congress. Sometimes we are asked to testify or attend a hearing as subject matter experts. Other times, we highlight the importance and urgency of an issue for the Members to see. Here are a few of those instances.


Chairman's Corner

Former federal regulator, veteran, professor, and Aii Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Brigham McCown highlights what’s been going on in the innovation and infrastructure related industries.

OpEds & Media


Take a look below at Aii’s OpEds and Media.


Richmond Times-Dispatch: Driving Virginia’s infrastructure into the future (print edition) (7.22.2021)

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Driving Virginia’s infrastructure into the future (7.21.2021)

Roanoke Times: Pipeline water crossings should not be controversial (3.28.2021)

RealClearEnergy: Opposing Natural Gas Means Opposing Natural Gas Users (3.2.2021)



Rail Security Alliance: Moving Targets (short documentary) (6.30.2020)

Construction Executive: When COVID-19 Abates, Excavation Damages Are Likely to Rise (4.22.2020)

Morning Consult: Amid Public Health Response, Pipeline Safety Cannot Be Overlooked (4.6.2020)

RealClearEnergy: The Fuel Tax is Defunct, and Innovation is the Culprit (3.2.2020)

The Hill: As transportation evolves, we all need to pay our fair share (2.12.2020)



InsideSources: Congress Must Thwart China’s Incremental Invasion (10.28.2019)

FEE: How This GPS App Uses Incentives To Overcome The Bystander Effect (10.3.2019)

Forbes: No More Status Quo As Pipeline Safety Takes A Big Step Forward (10.1.2019)

Daily Times: Let’s address the facts when it comes to pipelines, energy (9.7.2019)

InsideSources: Railroads Must Continue to Innovate (7.31.2019)

Forbes: Can Congress Bolster Energy Cyber Protections? (5.22.2019)

Penn Live: Mariner East II provides a chance to define regulatory roles (5.11.2019)

Construction Executive: The State of Damage Prevention in 2019 (4.27.2019)

Duluth News Tribune: National View: Pipeline protesters risk environment, communities (3.13.2019)

FEE: The Trolley Problem and Self-Driving Cars (3.9.2019)

Holding All Things Together: Benefits of Pipelines and Natural Gas (3.2.2019)

The Hill: Sensible economic rail regulation (2.28.2019)

Forbes: Why Pipeline Opposition Undermines Environmental Progress And Safety (1.17.2019)


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In the Media

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