Welcome! Get to know Aii through our Media Kit. The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) exists to research and education the public, industry leaders, and elected officials on critical public policy challenges facing the nation and the world’s infrastructure. Through policy blogs, briefs, white papers, and more, we analyze issues and share solutions. We also present these ideas and brainstorm policy options at events, conferences, panels, and media engagements. You can share in that process

Aii is frequently mentioned in popular news and academic sources as an expert, nonpartisan voice on issues ranging from infrastructure to energy policy, climate, technology, and beyond. Our team of experts have decades of experience in law, policy, military, academia, engineering, and more. Meet the Aii team, board of directors, and advisory council and learn more through our Media Kit and other resources.

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Interview requests, quotes, comments on our research, and other media inquiries can be directed to Aii Media Coordinator, Andrew Jefferis at ajefferis@aii.org. Also feel free to use the contact form or subscribe for updates and press releases. Find more about the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure through the Aii YouTube channel and related content.

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Who We Are

Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) is an independent, national research and educational organization. An innovative think tank, Aii explores the intersection of economics, law, and public policy in the areas of climate, damage prevention, energy, infrastructure, innovation, technology, and transportation.

Our mission is to help foster innovative solutions to current and future infrastructure challenges. Our purpose is to support infrastructure issues providing greater awareness, influence, analysis, and assistance in formulating solutions to achieve improvements, advancements, and opportunities. We do this through nonpartisan coalitions and our the two nonprofits that form the Alliance.

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