Welcome, Students!

We are excited to have students like you dive into the various activities, exercises, and lessons that we have for students. These workshops will help excel you into the world of innovation and infrastructure.

Aii is intentionally reaching out to students and younger adults because we understand that it’s our youth who will be governing the world we live in. In order to make change, we must instill in them a strong foundation of educational material to encourage interest and responsibility. Students, parents, and teachers can visit our virtual Learning Center and other resources to learn more!

Scroll down to find activities, exercises, and lesson plans according to your age range!

Pre-K to Kindergarten

Looking for some engaging material for your classroom or students at home? Let Aii help you out! Here are some resources specifically designed to help young children think creatively, learn about the world around them, and fill a few minutes of your day constructively!


What's Below?

Find out what is below your feet with this special tool! All you’ll need is a gallon-size ZipLock bag, markers, and some colored paper!


Think Like an Innovator

Aii wants to encourage the next generation of innovators – engineers, inventors, scientists, and more! Training your kids from a young age to think creatively is how we are going to make the world a safer and better place tomorrow!

Short Lessons

What's On The Road?

Aii educates to advance understanding of the world around us and encourage future leaders and innovators. This lesson centers around public safety.

Grades 1-4

There is so much happening in the world around you, and students like you can be a part of it! Do you want to be an inventor some day? Maybe even the president? Get started by learning the basics about technology, innovation, and infrastructure!


Word Search

Try out Aii’s word search! Find important key words that we love. To do this activity, with a parent or guardian’s permission, print out or upload the attachment (jpeg) to a painting app so your child can scribble overtop of the word search.


What is Innovation and Infrastructure?

Learn more about one of the “i’s” that makes up Aii!

Resource for Parents

Why is Infrastructure Important? | Duration: 24:06

Short Lessons

What is Electricity?

Learn about the methods used for generated electricity!

Grades 5-8

Are you ready to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and make a difference? Equipped with the right knowledge and skills, there is nothing students can’t do! Get started today learning all you need to know about technology, innovation, public policy, and infrastructure!


Scavenger Hunt

Aii invites you to participate in our website scavenger hunt! Recommended: 6th grade and up.

Definition Match

Find the best definition for each term!


What About The Roads?

Learn about the roads and bridges where you live.

Short Lessons

U.S. Policy & Regulation

What are the three branches of government and how do they work? Learn how law, regulation, and policy are made for infrastructure, transportation, and innovative technology!

How to Dig Safe

This lesson will cover the importance of calling 811!

Grades 9-12

You know there are some big challenge in your future, and it is your generation that will take them on. First, you’ll need some facts and information to understand how we got here and what challenge and solutions are already out there. Ready to change the world? Get started here.


Aii's Crossword

Challenge your knowledge on key terms.


Identifying Damage

Learn how to see your hometown differently. See what is right in front of you and what you can do to fix it!

Short Lessons

What Do Spray Paint Colors Mean?

Have you ever noticed the spray paint markings on the sidewalk, road, or yard? What about those tiny colored flags? Decode the hidden meaning!

What Do Spray Paint Markings Mean? | Duration: 1:15

Overview Course

Need sources for school? Just want to learn about interesting topics? Take a look at this overview course covering Safe Digging, Energy in America, and the Interstate Highway System.

Understanding Regulation

There are different ways to ensure public safety through regulations. What do you think is the best way to balance safety and encourage innovation?