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Media Mentions

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) is frequently quoted and cited by leading publications ranging from journalism to multimedia and academic scholarship. Aii is making an impact by studying, analyzing, and educating on critical public policy issues.

Check out some of the national media outlets mentioning our work.







Worth Magazine: 12 Energy Dilemmas the World Needs to Address (9.7.2023)

Bold Journey: Meet Benjamin Dierker, Executive Director of Aii (9.1.2023) Just Stop Oil! ? Not even a pencil can be produced without petroleum (English PDF) (8.15.2023)

DC Journal: Railway Safety Act Will Drive Up Prices Without Adding Safety, Critics Say (8.15.2023)

Railroad Weekly: Freight Expectations (8.13.2023)

Rail Market: New rail report challenges assumptions on freight trains length and safety (8.12.2023)

FreightWaves: Report: Data should drive debate on freight train lengths (8.8.2023)

GOBankRates: Turn Down the AC: Chilling Signs You Are Overpaying for Utilities — And How To Stop (8.8.2023)

RailFanning: New Report Looks at Train Length Amid Ongoing Debate Over Rail Safety (8.7.2023)

Politico: Morning Transportation, More Cars Fewer Problems? (8.7.2023)

The Center Square: Lawmaker: State unlikely to take up Atlanta’s grade crossing request (7.19.2023)

FreightWaves: Groups seek to pare down rail safety bill (7.14.2023)

CanvasRebel: Meet Benjamin Dierker (6.29.2023)

Bloomberg: Railway Safety Act Should Be Scrapped (6.12.2023)

Realtor: What 811 Really Covers (And What It Doesn’t) (5.24.2023)

SuperMoney: Is Electric Utilities Central a Good Career Path? (5.1.2023)

Council on Foreign Relations: How the U.S. Rail System Works (4.3.2023)

Energy Central: The Best in the Biz (3.23.2023)

The Center Square: Programs, awareness campaigns not stopping railroad grade crossing crashes (3.20.2023)

Law 360: Rush To Regulate After Ohio Derailment Draws Skeptics (PDF) (3.2.2023)

MarketScale: After the East Palestine Train Derailment, What Role Doe Technology Play in Stronger Railway Safety Measures? (3.2.2023)

Law 360: Norfolk Southern Derailment Sparks Rail Regs Scrutiny (PDF) (2.24.2023)

Government Executive: A Key Agency in the Ohio Train Derailment Response Hasn’t Had a Confirmed Leader Since Biden Took Office (2.24.2023)

The Center Square: Federal data shows number of rail wrecks with hazardous materials declining (2.23.2023)

Forbes: How Not To Write A Regulation (2.21.2023)

KOLD News 13: State lawmakers discussing bill that would limit how long trains can run (2.21.2023)

POLITICO Weekly Transportation: The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure has tapped Benjamin Dierker as its next executive director (2.21.2023)

Arizona Daily Star: Arizona bill seeks shorter trains to cut railroad crossing wait (2.19.2023)

POLITICO Influence: The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure has tapped Benjamin Dierker as its next executive director (2.16.2023)

The 956 Drive Home: Greenland’s Rare Earths Are Key to Securing American Innovation (2.9.2023)

DC Journal: Two Men in the Rail Cab Is One Too Many (1.31.2023)

Lifewire: How Experts Say 3D Maps Are Better for Understanding Our Environment (1.30.2023)

RealClearMarkets: The Federal Railroad Administration Pursues Non Sequiturs Over Safety (1.22.2023)



The Center Square: Data shows Georgia was third worst for railroad crossing crashes (12.30.2022)

Bloomberg Government: Transportation Briefing (12.13.2022)

VoyageMinnesota: Hidden Gems (12.8.2022)

FOX Business: Gas prices decline amid recession fears: AAA (10.28.2022)

Medium, Haider Ahmed Nazir: Privatization of Space, its Ethics and Consequences (10.2.2022)

Medium, Kyke Jones: How oil companies can provide reliable branded fuel to Florida during hurricane season (9.26.2022)

New York Post: Energy experts push back as White House takes credit for falling gas prices (8.17.2022)

RealClearEnergy: A Pencil Can Teach Us about Energy Prices, Inflation (8.5.2022)

American Recycler: Increased Fuel Costs Impact Waste & Recycling Businesses  (8.1.2022)

Consumer Affairs: Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Prices Are At Record Highs and Still Rising  (5.11.2022)

Washington Examiner: A Rail Company Thinks Federal Regulators Are Holding Up New Safety Measures  (5.05.2022)

Washington Examiner: A Rail Company Thinks Federal Regulators Are Holding Up New Safety Measures (Print) (5.05.2022)

Consumer Affairs: Several Factors Are Driving Diesel Fuel Prices to Record High  (5.02.2022)

District of Conservation: Earth Day, CBD vs USWFS Update, Arkansas Black Bear Collaring Project (4.25.2022)

HeardTell: Roy Mathews discusses energy innovation (4.1.2022)

Great Lakes Technical School for Utilities and Telecommunications: The Importance of Standard Construction Practices within the Utilities and Telecommunications Industry (3.30.2022)

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Warner Touts $5 Million in Federal Funding for Mayo Bridge (3.25.2022)

RealClearEnergy: An Artificial Energy Crisis (3.14.2022)

Moving Forward with Young Voices: Roy Mathews discusses CSTO on Young Voices podcast (3.8.2022)

The Epoch Times: Gas Prices Break Record Again, Up 15 Percent in Weekly Growth (3.8.2022)

NACS: U.S. to Ban All Russian Oil Imports (3.8.2022)

Reuters: Soaring Prices Set Stage For Eventual Reversal of Oil, Gas Demand (3.8.2022)

Lowcountry Panorama: South Carolina State Representative Joins Aii Advisory Council (3.4.2022)

Lifewire: Why We Need to Fully Embrace Recycled Tech (2.16.2022)

KCBD: Aii Highlights Oil and Gas Industry Challenges and Calls for Better Data Reporting (1.5.2022)



Infrastructure Protection Coalition: 811 Emergency, Utility Locate Research Tracking List (11.17.2021)

Infrastructure Protection Coalition: 811 Emergency: $61 Billion Lost in System to Protect Underground Utilities [52 individual reports citing Aii 639 times] (11.17.2021)

American Journal of Transportation: Former NTSB Chair Robert Sumwalt Joins Aii (11.01.2021)

Politico: POLITICO Influence (11.01.2021)

The Signal: Expert Input: Crew Size Mandates at What Cost? (7.13.2021)

Virginia’s Economic Future: Pipeline Water Crossings Should Not Be Controversial (4.5.2021)

GAIN: We Cannot Bar Natural Gas Access from At-Risk Americans (3.25.2021)

RealClearPolitics: Infrastructure; Becerra Concerns; Marvin K. Mooney Redux (3.2.2021)

AgriPulse: Farm Hands on the Potomac: USDA names Rainge to civil rights post (2.17.2021)




Book: Making Government Work (2020)

Book: The Case Against The Jones Act (2020)

North Carolina Dept. of Transportation: Comprehensive Cost of Rail Incidents in North Carolina (12.2020)

4M: Damage prevention report card 2020 (12.4.2020)

Beaumont Enterprise: Libya, Zeta compete for oil’s attention (10.26.2020)

Houston Chronicle: Libya, Zeta compete for oil’s attention (10.26.2020)

NARUC: Artificial Intelligence for Natural Gas Utilities: A Primer (10.2020)

Washington Times: China poised to cash in on coronavirus aid designated for U.S. railroads, safety advocates warn (5.25.2020)

RealClearPublicAffairs: Summary of Study, The Revenue Failure of the Highway Trust Fund: Why the Gas Tax Is Obsolete (3.26.2020)

Diagram: The ethical puzzle behind autonomous vehicles (3.20.2020)

RealClearPolitics: The Fuel Tax Must Be Retired (3.3.2020)

Transportation Fairness Alliance: The Revenue Failure of the Highway Trust Fund (2.28.2020)

RealClearEnergy: The Revenue Failure of the Highway Trust Fund (2.25.2020)

SmartBrief: Opinion: EVs require innovation in highway taxes, fees (2.13.2020)

Transportation Fairness Alliance: The Hill: As transportation evolves (2.12.2020)

Transportation Facts: Road Use Further Reading, “The Revenue Failure of the Highway Trust Fund” (2.2020)

Pipeline Technology Journal: Brigham McCown Named New President Of Alyeska Pipeline (1.24.2020)




POLITICO Pro: PR war ramps up on Chinese buses and railcars (10.4.2019)

AP: Aii Policy Brief: Congress to Stop Passenger Railcars Purchases From China (10.1.2019)

The Tribune Democrat: Power booster: $700M plant ‘has really helped the economy here’ (7.30.2019)

Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (I3): Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure issues rail safety report (7.18.2019)

C-Span: Brigham McCown on Oil Pipeline Safety and Energy Infrastructure (4.26.2019)

InsideSources: Are the Odds of an Infrastructure Bill Better After the SOTU? (2.7.2019)

The Fiscal Times: Why Trump’s Infrastructure Push May Already Be Doomed (2.5.2019)

Marketplace: Will Trump’s State of the Union address reset the debate on infrastructure? (2.5.2019)

American Infrastructure Renewal: What others have to say about infrastructure renewal (2.2.2019)

TEXTBOOK: Exploration and Production of Oceanic Natural Gas Hydrate: Critical Factors for Commercialization (2nd ed. 2019 Edition)

RealClearPolicy: Repeal the Law That is Sinking US Maritime Industry (1.10.2019)



Loyola Maritime Law Journal: Hard to Sea: Puerto Rico’s Future Under the Jones Act (2018)

Midland Reporter-Telegram: Permian Basin could see more infrastructure funds (12.10.2018)

Houston Chronicle: Permian Basin could see more infrastructure funds (12.10.2018)

Cato Institute: Why the Jones Act’s U.S. Citizenship Quota Should Be Repealed (12.3.2018)

Thesis (Radboud University): The European Union on the crossroads: the dilemma between national policy goals and… (10.30.2018)

Champion Briefs: Public Forum Brief, Resolved: The United States should accede to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea without reservation (10.1.2018)

WITF: Sunoco’s incidents, fines and shutdowns fuel residents’ safety concerns (9.26.2018)

90.5 WESA: Mariner East 2: Sunoco’s Incidents, Fines And Shutdowns Fuel Residents’ Safety Concerns (9.26.2018)

Daily Caller: Did Massachusetts’ Decrepit Pipelines Contribute To Gas Explosion? (9.18.2018)

90.9 WBUR: Officials, Politicians, Law Enforcement And Environmental Experts React To Merrimack Valley Gas Explosions (9.14.2018)

Daily Local News: Pipeline risk assessment discussed (8.29.2018)

AFPM: Podcast: Brigham McCown, Founder and Chairman of the Alliance For Innovation and Infrastructure (7.26.2018)

AFPM: Flash Point with Ryan Mills: Brigham McCown (7.23.2018)

NARUC Policy Summit: Joint Meeting with the Innovation Task Force (7.17.2018)

Bloomberg BNA: Looming Cybersecurity Battle: Who Protects U.S. Pipelines? (6.22.2018)

Eyes on the Road Podcast: Guest: Warren Hoemann, Industry Expert (6.19.2018)

George Mason University Energy Symposium: Key Role for U.S. in Bolstering EU Energy Infrastructure (4.26.2018)

Richmond Journal of Law & Technology: Charging Forward with NERC: An International Approach to Solving North America’s Grid Problem (3.2018)

The Maritime Executive: The Automation of Arctic oil (2.17.2018)

Cryopolitics: The automation of Arctic oil: good for companies, hard for communities (2.14.2018)

FOX Business: How will private companies benefit from infrastructure investments? (2.13.2018)

Crain: Trump infrastructure package leaves Gateway tunnel project dead in the water, experts say (2.12.2018)



Book: Big Data and Differential Privacy. Analysis Strategies for Railway Track Engineering (2017)

Washington University Law Review: Future-Proofing Energy Transport Law (2017)

Mercatus Center: An Economic Analysis of the Jones Act (2017)

The HillMissing train safety deadlines gambles with riders’ lives (12.20.2017)

Financial Times: Keystone XL faces new obstacle in ancient fish (11.21.2017)

DailyEnergyInsider: American needs smart grid investment pronto, stakeholders say at NARUC event (11.16.2017)

CNN Money: The Jones Act has been hurting Puerto Rico for decades (9.28.2017)

Morning Call: Brigham McCown: Federal agency should provide greater oversight of gas pipeline safety (8.24.2017)

InsideSources: PHMSA Should Play a More Active Role in Protecting Natural Gas Pipelines (8.23.2017)

Infrastructure USA: Guest on The Infra Blog: Brigham McCown, Chairman and Founder, Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) (8.10.2017)

Pasquines: The Jones Act and Hurricane Maria: How This Centry-Old Law is Affecting Recovery Efforts (8.10.2017)

IRBY Construction: Smart Investments Essential to Upgrading the Grid (8.2.2017)

Forbes: Baseload Power Will Keep The Lights On (7.27.2017)

Bloomberg: Washington Outsiders Learn Hard Way That Swamp Is Alive And Well (7.21.2017)

DailyEnergyInsider: Utilities, regulators should jointly improve nation’s electric grid, Aii says (7.17.2017)

Electric Energy Online: Aii Calls for Innovation in Electric Grid Infrastructure (7.13.2017)

Daily Caller: We need to look beyond coal, upgrade our electric grid (7.12.2017)

BNN Bloomberg: Rewiring The Grid For Green Energy Is ‘Not Gonna Be Cheap,’ Study Finds (7.12.2017)

Gedeon GRC Consulting: Rewiring The Grid For Green Energy Is ‘Not Gonna Be Cheap,’ Study Finds (7.11.2017))

YPP USA: 2017 YPP USA Symposium: Speakers (6.7.2017)

Denver Post: Firestone explosion an unfortunate reminder excavation laws need updating (5.25.2017)

Forbes: Is The Arctic Ocean Awash With Economic Hope Or Ecological Risks? (5.1.2017)

Drone Radio Show: Drone and our national infrastructure (4.25.2017)

RealClearEnergy: Arctic drilling ban is antithesis of respecting market forces (3.28.2017)

GreenTechMedia: Destructive or Merely a Shift in Focus? What Trump’s Budget Plan Means for Clean Energy (3.21.2017)

Hellenic Shipping News: Is global shipping threatened by protectionism? (3.12.2017)

Forbes: To Spark Growth, Focus On The Next Generation Of Broadband (3.1.2017)

Midstream Business: NAPE: Industry losing battle for public’s hearts, minds (2.21.2017)

E&P Magazine: NAPE: Industry losing battle for public’s hearts, minds (2.21.2017)

The Arctic Sounder: National infrastructure group takes interest in Arctic projects (2.17.2017)

The Hill: Next generation of U.S. Arctic infrastructure investment awaiting action from President Trump (2.17.2017)

Penn Energy: Study examines ban on development offshore the Arctic (2.13.2017)

The Maritime Executive: Four projects critical to the U.S. Arctic (2.13.2017)

Offshore Oil and Gas Magazine: Study examines ban on development offshore the Arctic (2.13.2017)

POLITICO Pro: Report: Drilling could fuel Arctic Infrastructure Boom (2.13.2017)

E&E News: Infrastructure group urges Trump to reverse drilling ban (2.13.2017)

Construction Outlook: February 2017 Insights, The Administration (2.9.2017)

The Maritime Executive: Chao Confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Transportation (1.31.2017)

The Detroit News: Michigan could benefit in Trump infrastructure order (1.25.2017)

Dallas Morning News: Conflicting reports: Do Trump’s infrastructure priorities include two Texas projects? (1.25.2017)

The Bond Buyer: States Add 300 Projects to Trump’s Infrastructure Wish List (1.25.2017)

Crain: M-1 Rail, Gordie Howe Bridge on reported list of Trump administration priorities (1.24.2017)

KMOX-St. Louis: Lambert renovations on alleged Trump infrastructure list, that’s news to Lambert (1.24.2017)

NY Daily News: President Trump, Senate Dems unveil infrastructure plans that include billions for Second Ave. subway and other N.Y. projects (1.24.2017)

DeSmog: Battle Against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline Threatens to Become the Standing Rock of Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin (1.17.2017)



Journal of International Relations: Linking Foreign Policy and Energy Security: An Asset or a Liability for Turkey? (2016)

Infrastructure Solutions Group: Questions and Doubts About Trump’s Infrastructure Plan (12.21.2016)

Associated Press: Trump’s commitment to infrastructure vow is being questioned (12.20.2016)

Denton Business Chronicle: Trump’s Mixed Signals on Infrastructure (12.20.2016)

CBS News: Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan showing signs of decay (12.20.2016)

Associated Press: Will Trump live up to his infrastructure promises? (12.20.2016)

NOLA: Is Donald Trump backing away from his infrastructure promises? (12.20.2016)

POLITICO: Bridge to Nowhere? (12.20.2016)

Ironton Tribune: Ironton native named to aid Trump on Transportation landing team (12.8.2016)

The Herald-Dispatch: Ironton native named to Trump transition team (12.7.2016)

POLITICO: President-Elect Trump names Aii Chairman Brigham McCown USDOT landing team (12.6.2016)

ABC News: How Donald Trump Could Overturn the Dakota Access Pipeline Decision if He Wanted To (12.5.2016)

FOX NEWS: (Video) How Trump Plans to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure (12.1.2016)

Roll Call: Are You on the List? HOH’s List of Holiday Parties (11.28.2016)

Ironton Tribune: Veterans recognized at OUS lecture series (11.11.2016)

Washington Examiner: Trump win means a fresh look at Keystone XL (11.11.2016)

Reuters: Colonial gas pipeline may reopen Saturday after Alabama explosion (11.2.2016)

NPR: Colonial Pipeline will remain shut this week after explosion (11.2.2016)

Quad-City Times: Guest View: Nuke are good for Illinois (10.24.2016)

New Jersey 101.5: After Hoboken crash, NJ Transit now requires 2nd set of eyes in train cab (10.6.2016)

WKXW: New Jersey: Are New Jersey transit engineers properly trained? We tried asking … (10.6.2016)

CBS News: Officials: Data recorder recovered from Hoboken train not functioning (10.2.2016)

CBS News: Hoboken train crash investigation slowed by damage at New Jersey station (10.1.2016)

AL: Latest Alabama pipeline leak marks Colonial’s fifth in the state this year (9.27.2016)

The Birmingham News: EPA says it is ‘not known’ how long Alabama pipeline leaked gas prior to discovery of break (9.24.2016)

The Hill: Tribes open new front in fight over pipelines (9.18.2016)

The Hill: The evolving electricity sector and the case for reform (9.14.2016)

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Agencies Order Dakota Access Pipeline Work Halted After Judge Rules It Can Proceed (9.9.2016)

The Buffalo News: Let’s consider all options when replacing water pipes (8.24.2016)

The Daily Caller: Driverless vehicles are here, but policymakers are late to respond (8.26.2016)

FamousDC: Kevin Gluba is the new executive director of the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (7.29.2016)

Quad City Times: Davenport Native Kevin Gluba, Hired as Aii Executive Director (7.23.2016)

POLITICO: Aii hires former Department of Commerce official as executive director (7.22.2016)

Marine News Magazine: Fix the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Now … or in 2027 (7.14.2016)

Council of State Governments: Transportation Policy Academy Panel Discussion: Future of the Federal-State-Local Transportation Partnership (6.2.2016)

Council of State Governments: Transportation Policy Academy Washington, D.C. Meeting Archive  (6.1.2016)

Washington Examiner: Step two after lifting the oil export ban (1.22.2016)

Forbes: Keeping Up With The Jones Act: Inconsistent Trade Policy Hinders Economic Growth (1.19.2016)

Law Firm: MotleyRice LLC: Train & Railroad Crash Lawsuits, Read More (1.2016)



Journal Star: First responders, fire departments in U.S. often unprepared for hazardous train derailments

Elektor Magazine: Is Europe Truly Unified? (10.27.2015)

E&E News: Md. oil train disclosure case nudges rail industry toward transparency (9.08.2015)

University of Delaware: Assessment of Crude by Rail (CBR) Safety Issues inCommonwealth of Pennsylvania (8.2015)

The Hill: Sensible rail safety improvements are right around the bend (8.10.2015)

OurEnergyPolicy: Back on Track: Bringing Rail Safety to the 21st Century (8.10.2015)

Politico: Hundreds of trains to miss yearend PTC deadline, FRA says (8.7.2015)

InsideSources: Report Urges Technology Upgrades to Boost Rail Safety (8.9.2015)

Houston Chronicle: To boost the safety of  oil by rail, focus on the tracks, paper argues (8.06.2015)

Progressive Railroading: Safer rail not just a ‘pipe dream,’ new report says (8.06.2015)

ABC News: Aii Chairman, Brigham McCown talks rail safety (7.10.15)

Infrastructure Week: RebuildRenew – Infrastructure Week (5.11.2015)

Gov Tech: Days After Feds Announce New Rules, Oil Train Explosion Evacuates Town (5.7.2015)

LA Times: North Dakota town evacuated after latest oil train car explosion (5.6.2015)

Equipment World: Bipartisan highway bill would tie federal gas tax to inflation, create transportation commission (4.20.2015)

National Journal: feature with Executive Director, Shane Skelton (4.18.2015)

Roll Call: Exit Interview: Shane Skelton, Executive Director, Aii (3.31.2015)

POLITICO: Hill Staffer joins non-profit as Executive Director (3.23.2015)

Telegraph Herald: Derailment trend on track toward disaster? (3.15.2015) 

The New York Times: A Third Blast on Oil Trains Stirs Scrutiny (3.6.2015)

Bloomberg: Oil-Train Fireball Seen Adding Pressure for U.S. Safety Rule (2.17.2015)

Fuel Fix: West Virginia train derailment puts focus on rail safety (2.17.2015)

The Los Angeles Times: Fiery West Virginia oil train derailment raises more safety questions (2.4.2015)

NPR: Feds look toward regulating local gas gathering lines (1.5.2015)

Pittsburgh Tribune: Former pipeline safety chief: Better rules needed on gas gathering lines (1.3.2015)



WNEM: FERC holds public comment meeting regarding proposed pipeline (12.10.14)

InsideSources: Cutting through the Noise: New Organization Aims to Find Sensible Policy Solutions (10.24.2014)

POLITICO Morning Energy: New infrastructure non-profit (10.21.14)

PR Newswire: New Educational Non-Profit to Tackle Nation’s Infrastructure Woes (10.21.14)


Articles and OpEds

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) is welcomed and invited to contribute to many of the nation’s journalistic, media, and opinion platforms. We bring our analysis to every corner of the America by voicing our findings and solutions in local papers, trade publications, and magazines.

Check out some of the national media outlets hosting our work.





Excavation Safety Magazine: The Reforms Needed to Cut Excavation Damages in Half (9.7.2023)

The Hill: Protecting critical underground infrastructure the modern way (8.31.2023)

RealClearEnergy: Using Natural Gas to go Carbon Negative (4.28.2023)

RealClearScience: Space Mining May Be Closer Than You Think (3.21.2023)

Wall Street Journal: Why are Heating Prices so High in New England? (3.13.2023)

RealClearEnergy: How Low Can You Go? For Energy, We’re Already There (3.8.2023)

The Federalist: Climate Lawfare Campaign Jeopardizes America’s Energy Future (3.8.2023)

InsiderSources: Broadband Vouchers for Maine Expand Access on Budget (2.21.2023)

Energy Central: Another Year of Costs and Loss? (2.14.2023)

C3 NewsMag: Greenland’s Rare Earths Could Be Key to Securing American Innovation (2.1.2023)

Energy Central: 2023 Predictions and Anticipated Trends for the Power Industry (January/February Special Issue)

The Federalist: When Bureaucrats Step in on Strike Negotiations, Railroads Get Costly Mandates and Zero Fixes (1.19.2023)



Washington Examiner: If Amtrak’s Gulf Coast expansion goes through, taxpayers will be on the hook (10.3.2022)

Washington Times: Exporting Oil is Sound Policy (7.30.2022)

FEE: I(nflation), Pencil: What a Simple Pencil Can Teach Us about Energy Prices and Inflation (7.30.2022)

National Review: LNG Plant Shutdown Means Greater Costs for U.S. Consumers (7.4.2022)

RealClearEnergy: With Record Gas Price, President Biden Must Prioritize Energy Infrastructure (6.13.2022)

National Review: Record High Diesel Prices Spell Longer-Term Consumer Woes (5.24.2022)

RealClearEnergy: From Reek to Remedy, An Economical Energy and Climate Solution (4.25.2022)

InsideSources: Celebrating a More Perfect Environment (4.22.2022)

Independent Women’s Forum: Biden’s Whole of the Government Approach to Undermine Infrastructure (4.21.2022)

RealClearMarkets: President Biden’s ‘Biofuel’ is ‘Doing Something’ Without Doing Anything (4.15.2022)

Independent Women’s Forum: Strategic Petroleum Reserve is for Emergencies; Not Bailing Out Failed Democrat Policies (4.4.2022)

RealClearEnergy: More Mining at Home Is a Win-Win for Environment and Defense (4.4.2022)

RealClearEnergy: Market Innovations Make Nuclear An Energy Crisis Solution (3.22.2022)

RealClearEnergy: An Artificial Energy Crisis (3.14.2022)

The Hill: Twin Metals Mine Cancellation is a Gut Punch to U.S. Steelworkers, Gift to China (2.5.2022)

RealClearWorld: The CSTO Looks Out For Its Members. So Should NATO. (2.1.2022)

RealClearMarket: Bitcoin Mining is an Environmental Solution, Not a Problem (1.24.2022)

RealClearEnergy: A New Model to Power and Protect America (1.23.2022)

Pipeline and Gas Journal: Ensuring Resilient Infrastructure and Climate Balance (1.18.2022)

Washington Examiner: Biden’s EPA is Embracing Hysteria Over Evidence-Based Science (1.12.2022)

Hart Energy: How the Oil and Gas Industry Can Minimize Its Footprint  (No Paywall) (1.3.2022)

Hart Energy: How the Oil and Gas Industry Can Minimize Its Footprint (Paywall) (1.3.2022)




Richmond Times-Dispatch: U.S. Infrastructure Roadblocked by Inconsistent Permitting (print edition) (12.21.2021)

Richmond Times-Dispatch: U.S. Infrastructure Roadblocked by Inconsistent Permitting (12.21.2021)

FEE: Why Carbon Offsets- Not Taxes or Emission Caps- Are the Best Path to Carbon Neutrality (12.9.2021)

Houston Chronicle: Carbon offsets can lead to a lasting climate and energy marriage (9.27.2021)

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Driving Virginia’s infrastructure into the future (print edition) (7.22.2021)

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Driving Virginia’s infrastructure into the future (7.21.2021)

Roanoke Times: Pipeline water crossings should not be controversial (3.28.2021)

RealClearEnergy: Opposing Natural Gas Means Opposing Natural Gas Users (3.2.2021)




Rail Security Alliance: Moving Targets (short documentary) (6.30.2020)

Construction Executive: When COVID-19 Abates, Excavation Damages Are Likely to Rise (4.22.2020)

Morning Consult: Amid Public Health Response, Pipeline Safety Cannot Be Overlooked (4.6.2020)

RealClearEnergy: The Fuel Tax is Defunct, and Innovation is the Culprit (3.2.2020)

The Hill: As transportation evolves, we all need to pay our fair share (2.12.2020)




InsideSources: Congress Must Thwart China’s Incremental Invasion (10.28.2019)

FEE: How This GPS App Uses Incentives To Overcome The Bystander Effect (10.3.2019)

Forbes: No More Status Quo As Pipeline Safety Takes A Big Step Forward (10.1.2019)

Daily Times: Let’s address the facts when it comes to pipelines, energy (9.7.2019)

InsideSources: Railroads Must Continue to Innovate (7.31.2019)

Forbes: Can Congress Bolster Energy Cyber Protections? (5.22.2019)

Penn Live: Mariner East II provides a chance to define regulatory roles (5.11.2019)

Construction Executive: The State of Damage Prevention in 2019 (4.27.2019)

Duluth News Tribune: National View: Pipeline protesters risk environment, communities (3.13.2019)

FEE: The Trolley Problem and Self-Driving Cars (3.9.2019)

Holding All Things Together: Benefits of Pipelines and Natural Gas (3.2.2019)

The Hill: Sensible economic rail regulation (2.28.2019)

Forbes: Why Pipeline Opposition Undermines Environmental Progress And Safety (1.17.2019)




Forbes: China On The March: Cybersecurity And Hidden Risks (12.17.2018)

Construction Executive: The Hidden Price of Outdated Damage Prevention Laws: Part II (11.27.2018)

Forbes: The Never-Ending Saga Of The Keystone Pipeline (11.10.2018)

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