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Infrastructure Innovation Through Awareness and Education

Our mission is to help foster innovative solutions to current and future infrastructure challenges. Our purpose is to support infrastructure issues providing greater awareness, influence, analysis, and assistance in formulating solutions to achieve improvements, advancements, and opportunities.


Policy Blog

Keep updated with our policy blog posts that cover a variety of issues we find important. These three-minute reads cover current public policy, infrastructure challenges, and commentary from our experts and staff.

Policy Briefs

At Aii, we keep our policy briefs to a few pages and write at a level intended for the general public. They cover innovation, technology, and infrastructure from public policy to the technical aspects. Get started now!

Providing education

Providing education to the public and private sectors in order to achieve higher standards in safety, technology, and performance

Issue Highlight

Over 20 million miles of pipelines and other utilities run underneath homes and businesses, providing essential services to run all aspects of life from electricity, cable TV, gas, water, and more. Fortunately, there are innovative technological and communications systems to promote facility safety and reduce damage to underground utilities.

Make an Impact

With your help and generous support, we can continue to identify our nation’s infrastructure needs, research the challenges, and advance innovative solutions to fix these challenges. As an entirely donor-funded organization, we rely on your generosity!

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Take a look at Aii’s policy blog. Updated regularly, we explore issues ranging from technology and innovation to damage prevention.



Our white papers are longer and more nuanced reports giving policymakers and industry leaders a clear roadmap through a complex issue.



Aii is routinely contacted as a source for background information and analysis. Take a look at some of the publications featuring our work.



Help us continue to identify our nation’s infrastructure needs, research the challenges, and advance innovative solutions to address these challenges.

Aii Energy Month

Coming soon! During the month of August, Aii is launching Energy Month to educate students, parents, public officials, and curious minds all around on the critical energy resources powering America. 

Stay tuned to read seven individual briefs on the seven key energy resources making up America’s energy mix. See informational graphics, interactive maps, and more!