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Energy Infrastructure

Infrastructure in the United States is critically important to the 328 million Americans who depend on abundant, reliable energy in their daily lives. Whether it is the 2.4 million miles of pipeline, 56,800 wind turbines, 200,000 miles of high voltage power lines, 5.5 million of local distribution lines, or host of other renewable and traditional sources, energy resources course through the veins of the American economy.

Transportation Infrastructure

Over 140,000 miles of rail and four million miles of road, as well as other ground, water, and air infrastructure carries people, goods, and raw materials all across the country. Making sure this transportation infrastructure is efficient, well maintained, and safe is one of Aii’s main focuses. Implementing best practices, innovating, and finding sound funding must take center stage.

Innovation and Technology

The United States is rocketing into the future at a shockingly rapid pace. Autonomous vehicles, drones, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are only the beginning of the story, and Aii is dedicated to researching the shortfalls, promoting creative solutions, and encouraging the prudent use of technology across industry. Crypto and cybersecurity will also become increasingly critical to the economy and national security in the next few years.

Facility and Infrastructure Safety

Aii promotes infrastructure best practices to achieve higher industry standards in the areas of safety, technology, and streamlined performance. From mapping underground infrastructure for excavation safety to construction techniques and standards, we encourage individuals, industry, and regulators to strike an efficient balance to prevent damage, promote safety, and boost the economy.