See What Others Are Saying

Welcome to our virtual Think Tank Row. Aii exists to educate the public, from students to public policy leaders. We want to encourage robust debate and conversation about the most important topics in America and even the world. From energy and climate policy to transportation and infrastructure, as well as cutting edge technology and innovation that span industries, we believe everyone needs to be informed and aware so that best practices can be honed and implemented everywhere.

To foster this mission, we also encourage our audience to seek out other materials for a better, deeper, and more balanced understanding. This may even mean consuming partisan, bipartisan, nonpartisan, and other points of view.

Aii is unaffiliated with and does not endorse any of these groups. However, it is important to challenge what we know about a topic and see new perspectives. This is a small sampling of the resources out there. Know of a great resource we’ve overlooked? Let us know!

Hear from every side of the issue:

American Conservation Coalition

American Enterprise Institute


Bright Side


Brookings Institution


Center for American Progress


Engineering World















United Nations (UN)


What If


World Economic Forum