WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 15, 2023)— The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) has tapped Benjamin Dierker (@BenDierker), its longtime researcher and public policy director, as the new Executive Director.

“Aii has an incredible mission and has made a real impact on infrastructure policy over the past decade,” Dierker said. “It is an honor to continue that good work, and I look forward to elevating solutions to the nation’s critical infrastructure challenges.”

Dierker’s experience in public policy research and coalition building will be invaluable to Aii as it enters its ninth year of operation.

“We are pleased to see Benjamin to this new role, and we are reaffirming our dedication to high-quality research and understanding of the issues first and foremost in our approach to public policy,” said Aii founder and chairman, Brigham McCown (@BAMcCown).

A Fort Worth, Texas native, Dierker joined the Aii team in 2015 shortly after the think tank formed. Rising from an intern during the course of his masters degree in public administration at Texas A&M University, Dierker also worked full-time as a policy analyst. While earning a juris doctor from the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, he continued to work with Aii, clerked for the U.S. House of Representatives and other think tanks, and studied under a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. For the last three and a half years, Dierker has led the research initiatives for the Alliance, including authoring over a dozen white papers and policy briefs.

Now residing in Charleston, SC, Dierker is uniquely situated in a thriving transportation and infrastructure hub that provides a dynamic perspective on the nations ports, passenger and freight rail, trucking, energy, and broader infrastructure needs and practices. In the new role, Dierker will establish new coalitions and partnerships and continue research into transportation, infrastructure, and energy topics for the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure.

For questions, interviews, or other media inquiries, please email Aii Media Coordinator, Andrew Jefferis, ajefferis@aii.org.




About the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) is an independent, national research and educational organization dedicated to identifying our nation’s infrastructure needs, creating awareness of those needs, and finding solutions to critical public policy challenges. Aii strives to promote proven, innovative technology and higher safety standards in a non-partisan manner to achieve excellence nationwide. The Alliance is a think tank consisting of two non-profits: the National Infrastructure Safety Foundation (NISF) 501(c)(4) and the Public Institute for Facility Safety (PIFS) 501(c)(3). (Aii.org)