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Our policy blog contains shorter news, overview, or analysis  of issues giving the general public, policymakers, and industry leaders an update or review of a new issue or refresher of a longstanding one. They cover a number of public policy challenges, focusing on pro-innovation solutions that can be implemented in a nonpartisan way through law, regulation, or simply best practices. These include an issue background, explanation of the challenge, and proposed solutions or recommendations. Aii white papers are longer than policy briefs, but not more complicated. To ensure you are up to speed and ready for these reports, try reading our policy blogs and briefs. Want a deeper dive on a single topic? Visit our Issues pages for background, challenges, solutions, and all our analysis on the subject.

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what is innovation

What Is Innovation?

What is Innovation? No one really seems to know. Few can agree on a comprehensive definition because it means different things in different contexts. But […]

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What is Infrastructure?

Defining Infrastructure To engage in comprehensive and intelligent discussion regarding our nation’s infrastructure policy, we first need to be thoughtful about what qualifies as “infrastructure.” […]

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