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The Internet can still be the wild west of information at times. But never fear, Aii is here to promote some order in our corner of the world.

Finding, quoting, or citing any organization can depend on personal style and preference as well as journalistic standards and style guides. This blog lays out how we do it at Aii.

What to Call Us:

First thing is first: Aii (pronounced as three distinct letters [A-i-i] or [Ay-eye-eye]) stands for the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure. Using our full name is always welcome, but we prefer to go by “Aii.” When said out loud, it has the same articulation as another notable think tank: AEI (American Enterprise Institute). When written we always use a capital “A” and lowercase “ii.” There is also no punctuation – never periods, dashes, or caps lock.

You’ll never see us using all capitals and we ask that you do not either. See the Aii logo above to reinforce this and always write it how it appears in the logo.

When our full name is used, there are a few things to note starting with “the.” You are welcome to refer to us as “the” Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure or simply “Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure.” You can even capitalize the “the” if you use it. However, there is never a “the” for our shorter name: Aii.

Example: “The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure released a new report. According to Aii, energy infrastructure is essential.”

Another rule about our name is that we do not use symbols, only words. You should not say “Alliance for Innovation & Infrastructure.” Only the full written name with all words spelled out is appropriate.


How to Cite or tell others about us:

What exactly is Aii and what do we do? Aii is a nonprofit think tank. We describe ourselves as a research and educational organization, as we study and educate on infrastructure and innovation topics. You can refer to us as a think tank, a nonprofit, a research organization, and educational organization, or a combination of these.

Just as important is what we are not. Aii is not a trade organization, industry group, lobby firm, member association, or other special interest. Aii is independent of industry, has no outside members, does not represent or contain membership from any trade group or industry, and we do not provide trading services such as stocks or financial services. Finally, we are not a lobbying organization.

Aii is a think tank – we do independent research on infrastructure and related fields to promote innovative and proven technology, best practices, or policies to industry leaders, public officials, and the general public. We do this work with support from a broad base of diverse donors and networks.


See our Media Kit for more.

You will also find good information on our About page and in our Frequently Asked Questions resource.



The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) is an independent, national research and educational organization. An innovative think tank, Aii explores the intersection of economics, law, and public policy in the areas of climate, damage prevention, energy, infrastructure, innovation, technology, and transportation.