David Venable, CISSP

Board of Directors, Senior Cybersecurity Fellow, Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure

David VenableDavid Venable is a Senior Cybersecurity Fellow with Aii specializing in cybersecurity and information technology. He also serves as a Director helping govern the organization on matters of policy and administration.

A former intelligence officer with the National Security Agency, David has extensive experience in Computer Network Exploitation, Information Operations, and Digital Network Intelligence, and cryptography. He has also taught about these subjects while serving as adjunct faculty at the National Cryptologic School.

David has developed and managed several U.S. national-level projects in support of global anti-terrorism operations and the Global War on Terror, in addition to providing security consulting to Global 500 companies. David has also authored several cyber security articles, he regularly teaches classes on information security, and he has received numerous awards from the US Air Force, the National Security Agency, and the European Academy of Diplomacy.

David is a cyber security fellow with Strategikon, a European think tank focused on global security, and serves on the Cyber Security Advisory Board of Southern Methodist University. David is the Vice President of Cyber Security at Masergy Communications where he is responsible for protecting a global network infrastructure, as well as advising multinational companies about protecting their vital digital assets.