A Report Published by Aii

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Energy is a common commodity required by every nation that influences every aspect of economy, civil society, and even foreign policy. With advancements in technology and renewable energy sources, countries throughout the world are re-focusing on their energy infrastructure to encourage greater economic stability and energy security. Just as these nations develop their energy infrastructure, their policies in relation to other countries, shift as well.

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) released an in-depth report on energy practices and how it has affected foreign policy in the past and how it is currently affecting international relations.

The report highlights several main points:

• Russia has dominated use of energy as a foreign policy tool, mostly for political ends, on the basis of the country’s  energy infrastructure within Europe. 

• State control of energy sector is an advantage for manipulating policy. 

• Policy can be altered on the consumption side or the supply side.

• Dependency on another country’s supply affects how much a factor consumption is in foreign policy.  


To read more on energy as a form of foreign policy – click here to see a Forbes article by Aii Chairman, Brigham A. McCown.

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