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Aii released a new video highlighting remarks from its recent policy discussion on Capitol Hill. The forum, hosted on December 1st, examined infrastructure connectivity f the European Union and resulting implications on U.S. energy policy.

The panel featured representatives from Eastern and Central Europe and foreign policy experts, including two former U.S. ambassadors, who all underscored significant economic and national security benefits that would result from the U.S. playing a role in helping to address the EU’s infrastructure challenges.




The EU currently imports more than half of its energy resources—most notably oil and natural gas—from other regions including politically unstable countries like Russia. In contrast, the U.S. is now the world’s top producer of oil and natural gas. As such, the panel stressed the need for policy that would the U.S. to share its abundant energy resources with EU and other areas across the globe.

The event served as a precursor to Aii’s upcoming report, “Energy (Dis)Union: A Critique of the European Internal Market,” examining the challenges and opportunities of establishing a common energy market in the EU. The analysis, authored by Brigham McCown, Chairman of Aii, will be published in the European Energy Journal in January 2016.

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