Hidden Costs

The Hidden Cost of Outdated Damage Prevention Laws



Writing in Construction Executive magazine, Aii Chairman and former federal executive regulator Brigham McCown breaks down the hidden costs and impact of outdated damage prevention laws. Aii knows the importance of protecting our infrastructure through best practices and effective, efficient regulatory framework. Read the two-part series to learn more. Next learn about the current state of damage prevention in the U.S.


The State of Damage Prevention in 2019


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How Does Aii Address The Issues Of The Day

Promoting Best-Practices

Aii promotes stakeholder transparency by actively tracking, reporting, and sharing performance data. Having accurate information from common sources helps identify potential problems and solutions.

Providing Education

Aii provides information and resources to educate policy makers, industry leaders, and the general public on infrastructure issues, legal cases, and potential solutions. Information includes policy papers, white papers, best practices, and strategic plans.

Education helps ensure industry-wide safety and exemplary practices. A proactive approach supports educational and damage prevention programs that maintain a positive, forward-thinking focus among all stakeholders.

Proposing Solutions

Across the country, many companies and organizations are engaged to support efforts on similar issues. For this reason, we identify and support a uniform set of best practices for each industry.

These best practices will provide additional clarity and expand previous advances in regulatory oversight and legislative action. Common goals and shared resources ensure each industry moves forward as a whole with safety and accountability in mind.