What are Letters and Statements?

Even in the digital age, letters are an important part of education and communications efforts. Our policy letters are how we go on record with public officials and experts. Sometimes we are asked to testify or attend a hearing as subject matter experts. Other times, we highlight the importance and urgency of an issue for officials and regulators to see. From Notice and Comment to hearing testimony and requests, here are a few of our policy communications. Read some today, then visit our issues and publications pages for deeper dives into these and more subjects and find our video statements and analysis. For press releases and media statements, visit our media center or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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Report Prepared for Comment to Federal Railroad Administration

December, 2022.

Aii Submits Testimony of Brigham McCown Before House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy

May, 2019

Letter to CGA Recommending Best Practices for Damage Prevention

April, 2018.

Aii Requests Department of Transportation, PHMSA Amend Federal Code for Safety, Efficiency, and Damage Prevention

October, 2017.

Amended Petition Providing More Information to PHMSA

March, 2017.

Aii Requests New Rulemaking on Damage Prevention

September, 2016.

Aii Submits Comment on NPRM for FRA-2014-0033

June, 2016.

Calling on Congress to Acknowledge Excavation Damage for PHMSA Reauthorization

September, 2015.

Aii Supports Legislative Efforts to Improve the Highway Trust Fund

April, 2015.

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) is an independent, national research and educational organization. An innovative think tank, Aii explores the intersection of economics, law, and public policy in the areas of climate, damage prevention, energy, infrastructure, innovation, technology, and transportation.

Our mission is to help foster innovative solutions to current and future infrastructure challenges. Our purpose is to support infrastructure issues providing greater awareness, influence, analysis, and assistance in formulating solutions to achieve improvements, advancements, and opportunities. We do this through nonpartisan coalitions and our the two nonprofits that form the Alliance.

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