National nonprofit to provide educational materials, launch social media campaign to benefit our ongoing conversation on energy and infrastructure needs

Washington, D.C, August 3, 2021 — The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) today kicked off August “Energy Month” to provide in-depth analysis and educational resources on America’s seven primary energy resources. Throughout the month, Aii will release briefs, graphics, and blog posts to elevate America’s energy IQ and investigate our core energy resources on critical and timely issues such as cost, climate impact, safety, availability, and land use issues.

Each week in August, Aii will post and promote across social media its research and analysis on a new energy resource: natural gas, nuclear, coal, wind, hydropower, solar, and petroleum. Whether it’s learning about the oil and natural gas that is safely transported via pipeline or delving into how the federal government plays a role in wind farm construction, Aii’s Energy Month will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how energy experts across the industry evaluate the short- and long-term implications of our energy consumption and investment.

“America’s broad mix of abundant energy resources is key to our continued economic growth, and better understanding those resources will help us craft the policies needed to help us succeed,” said Benjamin Dierker, Aii Director of Public Policy. “As an organization dedicated to researching and analyzing our infrastructure needs – including the continued investment into our energy infrastructure – Aii’s Energy Month will enrich and broaden the ongoing conversation into how we successfully invest in developing a modern and innovative energy infrastructure.”

Energy Month kicks off with its first brief on America’s primary energy resource: natural gas. Counter-intuitively, natural gas may soon become a renewable source of energy, as captured methane from other sectors helps reduce emissions, which can also be used as fuel. While natural gas produces half the emissions compared to coal, the amount of CO2 relative to other energy resources will need to be addressed through continued innovation.

To learn more about Aii Energy Month, visit For more information, check out for educational materials, policy briefs, white papers, and other resources on climate, infrastructure technology, transportation, and more.


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