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An NTSB for Natural Disasters?

23 Aug 2023, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has become one of the most trusted organizations in the wake of both national tragedies and lesser known transportation incidents. The fact-focused agency investigates transportation-related incidents to uncover root causes and offer recommendations to industry and policymakers to hopefully prevent future accidents from occurring….

Preparing Infrastructure for a New Kind of Natural Disaster: Solar Storms

31 Jul 2023, Posted by Andrew Jefferis in All Posts, Blog Posts

Severe natural disasters are increasing in frequency –at least as measured by cost impact – in the United States, costing billions of dollars to infrastructure and property every year. Roads in the U.S. need more investment to stand up to floods and earthquakes, and insurance for natural disasters are becoming unaffordable…

Yellowstone: Rebuilding After the Flood

15 Nov 2022, Posted by Andrew Jefferis in All Posts, Blog Posts

Earlier this year, Yellowstone National Park was at the epicenter of a historical flooding that resulted in the elimination of homes, bridges, and the possibility of reentry into the park. Restoring damaged infrastructure comes at a monumental cost, not purely structurally but reputationally and economically as well.  According to the…

Pittsburgh Bridge Collapse Shows Need for Immediate Bridge Investment

14 Feb 2022, Posted by John Cassibry in All Posts, Blog Posts

Embed from Getty Images Bridges are so integral to U.S. infrastructure and commonplace in our lives that we only notice them when something is wrong. Across the U.S., almost 10 percent of the bridges linking communities are structurally deficient. The collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last…