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Why Do Some People Not Worry About Climate Change

22 Oct 2020, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Analysis, Blog Posts

  – formerly Global Warming – is as controversial as any topic in politics today. As wildfires rage, sea ice melts, droughts appear, storms batter the coasts, and temperatures climb, it is easy to see climate change as the controlling factor lurking behind it all. How then, can some people…

Fires, Climate Change, and More

07 Jan 2020, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

  s the immense tragedy in Australia continues apace, helpless onlookers are grappling for emotionally and intellectually satisfying explanations. How could such a conflagration begin, grow, and seemingly thwart all efforts to extinguish? As human lives are threatened, property burns, and animal losses rise to nearly incalculable tolls, pinning all…