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Sick Leave Will Not Derail the Supply Chain

02 Dec 2022, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

After years of negotiation through the collective bargaining process and a number of close calls with threatened labor strikes, President Biden on Friday signed into law a settlement of terms between railroad unions and railroad companies. The terms of the agreement are those recommended by the Presidential Emergency Board (PEB),…

Gulf Coast Gambit: Amtrak’s Play For New Passenger Rail Service

07 Sep 2022, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

Amtrak is seeking to establish twice daily passenger service between Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana. With Hurricane Katrina damaging rail infrastructure back in 2005, many passenger routes along the Gulf Cost have long been dormant. However, over the last several years, Amtrak has increasingly ramped up its efforts to…