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Strategic Petroleum Reserve Will Face Low Fuel Light

12 Apr 2022, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

The purpose of the strategic petroleum reserve is for national emergencies, international crises, and other disruptions in the supply of oil. It was never conceived to be a spigot to turn when self-created policies lead to bad circumstances. While there is no doubt that factors like lingering market impacts from…

An Artificial Energy Crisis

09 Mar 2022, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

An Artificial Energy Crisis   President Joe Biden said this week that “It’s simply not true that my administration or policies are holding back domestic energy production.” He went on to cite onshore production statistics, comparing them to President Donald Trump’s first year in office, and stating that thousands of…

The Road Ahead for Biden: Infrastructure Priorities

02 Dec 2020, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

As this tumultuous election year comes to a close, the public eye is now focused attentively on the incoming administration’s proposed agenda to revive a beleaguered economy and suppress the spread of COVID-19. However, another crisis has been looming. As the Council on Foreign Relations reports, the state of U.S….