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Through this platform, we provide a forum for experts to share their insight and perspective with the people who need it most: those on the other side of their issue.

Rather than a political forum – bridging across the partisan aisle – this resource allows industry actors to express things they wish regulators knew about their industry or expertise. It also allows political leaders, regulators, and other policymaking officials to express what they wish the practitioners, experts, and workers on the ground knew.

Finally, we facilitate the experts from both industry and policy showing what they wish the American public knew about their field.

Here, you’ll find feedback from line workers to locators, corporate executives to middle managers, and local to federal regulators and elected officials. Gone are the days that expertise requires a degree or letters behind one’s name. Sometimes regulators need to know about the experience of the people building the infrastructure, designing new systems, and spending hours in the field or the lab. Reducing information asymmetries will help improve data sharing, offer insight and perspective needed for innovation, and improve public safety.

What The Experts Wish Their Counterparts Knew

• What do you wish your industry knew?

• What do you wish professionals outside your industry knew?

• What do you wish policymakers knew?

• What do you wish the general public knew?

From the Industry

Here are the perspectives and preferences of workers, experts, and industry leaders that they wish regulators, legislators, and policymakers knew about their field before designing new rules and regulations that they must follow.

From the Policymakers

Here are the perspectives and preferences of regulators, policymakers, and legislatures that are relevant to industry and private actors – whether they are designing new technologies or maintaining existing infrastructure.

Leaders in their Own Words

Through targeted OpEds, decisionmakers express and learn about implementing proven, innovative technology and enacting procedures that save money and time while improving safety. What innovative activities and policy frameworks are needed to ensure the country keeps moving forward safely and efficiently. Read it from the people leading the way.

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Video Interviews

Tell your story for fellow leaders to learn. Dive deeper into tips and tricks in the industry, cutting-edge innovation, unique regulatory approaches, and more. Through these video interviews, Aii helps draw out critical insights from industry leaders and policymakers to each side can learn and improve their approaches.

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