INFONEX’s Crude-by-water and Crude export conference took place this week in Houston, Texas, on November 17-18th. The event hosted many influential experts in the oil and energy industry, including Aii’s Chairman, Brigham McCown who updated attendees on the crude oil export ban reform process. The annual conference is considered a leading event in the industry.

Some of the topics covered were:
• Crude exporting regulations and the licensing and classification process
• Crude oil export reform process
• Infrastructure development and shipping strategies
• Crude-by-water traffic trends and destinations
• Regulatory requirements for transporting crude by waterborne vessels etc.

The event focused on providing industry partners including crude producers, marketers, transporters, refiners, vessel operators, brokers, analysts, port operators, transloaders and railway operators strategies for waterborne crude movements and preparing for the potential of U.S crude exports. Attendees were privy to a plethora of information preparing them for growing changes in the market and in the energy and transportation industry.