What is a Policy Brief?

Our policy briefs are designed to introduce and get you up to speed on different areas of public policy. They include overviews of a particular issue, focused looks at a challenge or solution, and recommendations for best practices or changes to policy. At Aii, we keep our policy briefs to a few pages and write at a level intended for the general public. They cover innovation, technology, and infrastructure from public policy to the technical aspects. To ensure you are up to speed and ready for these reports, try reading our policy blogs and white papers. Want a deeper dive on a single topic? Visit our Issues pages for background, challenges, solutions, and all our analysis on the subject.

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Aii Energy Month

Seven briefs on seven energy resources.

Natural Gas Brief

August, 2021.

Nuclear Energy Brief

August, 2021.

Coal Brief

August, 2021.

Wind Energy Brief

August, 2021.

Hydropower Brief

August, 2021.

Solar Energy Brief

August, 2021.

Petroleum Brief

August, 2021.

America's Top Infrastructure Challenges

June, 2021.

Building Back Better and Protecting What We've Built

May, 2021.

China’s Infrastructure Ambitions and the Transit Infrastructure Vehicle Security Act (TIVSA)

October, 2019.

IMO 2020 Rule Primer: Background and Potential Impacts

May, 2019.

The Internet of Things

December, 2018.

Best Practices to Achieve Excavation Safety

September, 2018.

The Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicle Act

September, 2018.

Challenges to Increasing Non-Federal Investment in Private Infrastructure: How Can the U.S. Turn $200B into $1.5T?

March, 2018.

Policy Brief: 5G Primer

October, 2017.

Infrastructure Resiliency: Preventing Damage Through Critical Investments

July, 2016.

The Somewhat Turbulent Journey of Delivery Drones

April, 2016.

Balancing Environmental Protection and National Infrastructure Development

April, 2016.

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Reauthorization

March, 2016.

The Passenger Facility Charge: Hidden Tax or Needed Infrastructure Investment?

March, 2016.

Are P3's a Practical Tool to Tackle the Growing Infrastructure Debt?

February, 2016.

Driverless Cars

February, 2016.

Intelligent Roads

January, 2016.

Energy Storage

December, 2015.

Can America Afford to Defund Rural Infrastructure?

December, 2015.

Time Running Out for Highway Funding Bill

November, 2015.