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It’s Time for Nationwide Adoption of Enhanced Positive Response

23 Jan 2020, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

As technology improves, law and regulation must improve for the sake of public safety. Excavation damage has been a leading – and in many years the leading – cause of pipeline incidents for decades. More than ten years ago, Congress addressed what was then the leading contributor to these incidents…

What Is Innovation?

31 Jan 2018, Posted by staff in All Posts, Blog Posts

What is Innovation? No one really seems to know. Few can agree on a comprehensive definition because it means different things in different contexts. But most definitions align on three points. For an idea to be innovative (1) the idea must be new, (2) the idea must create value, and…

What is Infrastructure?

18 Jan 2018, Posted by staff in All Posts, Blog Posts

Defining Infrastructure To engage in comprehensive and intelligent discussion regarding our nation’s infrastructure policy, we first need to be thoughtful about what qualifies as “infrastructure.” There is no unanimously adopted definition of infrastructure across sectors or policy lexicon. Many definitions describe “infrastructure” as the physical components of various systems that…

Digging Deeper: Volume 1

15 Aug 2017, Posted by staff in All Posts, Blog Posts

How Economic Indicators And Population Demographics Impact Incident Rates “Digging Deeper” is the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure’s (Aii) new blog series focused on using the Common Ground Alliance’s Damage Information Reporting Tool’s (DIRT) inaugural interactive data dashboard to track indicators, trends, and correlations with the goal of zeroing in…

The U.S. Electric Grid: A Primer

15 Aug 2017, Posted by staff in All Posts, Blog Posts

On July 12, we published “Building a Smarter Electric Grid: How Investing in Smarter Electricity Infrastructure Will Energize America,” a white-paper focused on the opportunities presented by a “smarter” electric network and the specific investments that should be made to take full advantage of tomorrow’s energy technologies without sacrificing the…

DIRT Blog Update

08 Jun 2017, Posted by staff in All Posts, Blog Posts

Last summer, we published “Improving Upon Our Dig Laws: How State Legislatures Can Help Us Dig Safer,” where we performed an extensive review of the incident data revealed in the Common Ground Alliance’s (CGA) 2014 DIRT report (released in Fall 2015), offered some recommendations states could incorporate into their Damage…

Pipeline Safety Legislation Inches Closer to Becoming Law

02 May 2016, Posted by staff in All Posts, Blog Posts

Written by Shane Skelton, Aii Executive Director Pipeline safety reauthorization legislation cleared another crucial hurdle on its way to the President’s desk on Wednesday when the U.S. House of Representatives (House) Committee on Energy & Commerce (Energy & Commerce) reported their version of the bill out of the full committee….

The Infrastructure Scorecard: Presidential Race 2016

27 Oct 2015, Posted by staff in All Posts, Blog Posts

Infrastructure is the backbone of the American economy. Roads, bridges, railways, pipelines, and airports alike connect America, permitting the free flow of people and goods across the continent. The state of the nation’s infrastructure has been in the spotlight recently due to a variety of unfortunate incidents, ranging from bridges…