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811 Day Highlights the Importance of Safe Digging

11 Aug 2021, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

While you may know March 14 as pi day (3.14) and May 4 as Star Wars day (May the fourth), today is of even greater consequence. August 11 – or 8-11 – is a day dedicated to safe digging known as 811 Day. Why does safe digging matter? Because every…

Diving into the Digital Divide

08 Apr 2021, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

The word infrastructure can mean different things to different people. To some, infrastructure refers to the roads, railways, and other transportation systems that connect us. To others, it is the schools, hospitals, and physical buildings that are occupied by organizations that serve society. Both are correct, given that the word…

Celebrating 15 Years of 811

17 Mar 2020, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

In March of 2005, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designated 811 as the nationwide phone number for excavation damage prevention. Now, 15 years later, we have seen damages decline as everyone from homeowners to construction crews call before they dig. The federal designation unified the nation’s programs into one simple,…