At Aii, talking with industry experts is critical for developing a deeper understanding of specific lines of work. Discover our interviews and collaborations with professionals across different industries below.

Aii in Action

Aii maintains an active schedule hosting and attending lectures, panel discussions, conference, and more. From Washington D.C. to Warsaw, Poland, and beyond, our experts engage with students, the public, policy experts, and public officials. Check out a few of our highlighted activities below, then see how Aii is the media’s trusted source for in-depth, nonpartisan expert analysis.

The Bridge - Coming Soon

Rather than a political forum – bridging across the partisan aisle – this resource allows industry actors to express things they wish regulators knew about their industry or expertise. It also allows political leaders, regulators, and other policymaking officials to express what they wish the practitioners, experts, and workers on the ground knew.

Chairman's Corner

Former federal regulator, veteran, professor, and Aii Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Brigham McCown highlights what’s been going on in the innovation and infrastructure related industries.