Jack Reape

Board of Directors, Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure

Jack Reape is a Texas-based leadership and management consultant, operations troubleshooter, and project manager. His areas of expertise include aviation operations, risk management, and connecting well-led teams for defined success.

In an extensive 28-year Naval career, Jack came up from the ranks to command two large organizations dealing with extensive worldwide operations, 9-figure operating budgets, and time-critical decision making.

As Head of Navy Reserve Training, he identified stakeholders, funding, manpower, and equipment to build and implement a Logistics Flight Training Center for pilots, aircrew, and support personnel. This center cut time to train by over 50% and provided the effective use of operational resources to maximize training results.

After retiring from the United States Navy, he has worked extensively as a commercial pilot, both overseas and domestically. Today, in addition to his career, Jack serves as a voluntary member of the board of directors, lending his management and policy insight to govern Aii in its nonprofit and policy missions to provide critical research and education to public officials, industry leaders, and the general public.

Jack Reape is a 1984 Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating with Merit in Operations Analysis.