Washington D.C, District of Columbia – August 27, 2020 – The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) today released a new report for industry leaders and public officials entitled ‘811: One-Call Before You Dig | The Development and Future of Damage Prevention Efforts’ reviewing the history of One-Call centers and raising question about the path forward.

The report explores the history of One-Call centers as a method of damage prevention in order to assess the progress they have made. Aii includes a recommendation to adopt proven technology and techniques to further reduce excavation damage, including Enhanced Positive Response (EPR).

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“Rather than criticize, this overview and recommendation is intended as a review of the progress made over the years and honest examination of the pace of improvement,” said Benjamin Dierker, Director of Public Policy.

Damage prevention has undoubtedly been improved over the last 50 years through the development and advancement of One-Call centers. Where this report aims to shed light is on the question of the last 20 years and what the near future will hold. The Internet revolution, advancements including GIS, GPS, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and even basic smart phones and tablets have changed every aspect of modern life. Yet much of the damage prevention process remains slow to adopt these technologies and techniques.

While many states have improved in recent years – adding online capabilities and portals for both excavators and utilities – few have made basic best practices mandatory to ensure seamless communication between parties.

Through this report, Aii raises questions about the damage prevention process in recent years to encourage the adoption of rules, regulations, and best practices as standard thresholds that would close the communication loop between excavator and locator, share critical enhanced information about excavation sites and underground facilities, and encourage innovation and public safety.

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