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Poll: 8 Billion People, What is the top infrastructure challenge?

30 Nov 2022, Posted by bdierker in Aii Asks, All Posts, Blog Posts

This month, the population of the planet is believed to have surpassed 8 billion living people. This milestone serves as a reminder of the importance of critical natural resources, infrastructure, agriculture, and various services. Without well-functioning markets, supply chains, and governments, millions of people will be exposed to heat or…

Poll: What is your preferred source of energy if you could only have one source (or paired sources) for the whole country?

01 Nov 2022, Posted by Andrew Jefferis in Aii Asks, All Posts, Blog Posts

Both summer and winter experience intense demand for energy, but energy is vital year round for growth and progress. Many of us envision a greener world, asking the question, “What will the most economical and environmentally friendly energy source of our future be?” We wanted the public to narrow down…

Aii Asks: Do you think America should Rebuild Better starting now?

21 Sep 2020, Posted by bdierker in Aii Asks, All Posts, Blog Posts

Infrastructure Week, hosted by United For Infrastructure and partnered with many organizations including Aii, has come to a close. The virtual conference included panels, papers, and perspective across the nation and from all backgrounds. The year’s theme is “Rebuild Better” with special emphasis on rebuilding America’s infrastructure, incorporating resilience, and…