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Technology Highlight: Positive Response

13 Aug 2021, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

      This blog series Technology Highlight explores some of the ways that investments in innovation lead to better outcomes for infrastructure and public safety. When technology advances, it often becomes cheaper, more widely available and accessible, and helps facilitate faster, safer, and greener projects. This series launched by…

The Dig of the Future Is Here Today

03 Jun 2021, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

Excavation damages to underground infrastructure – or more simply, digging projects that hit things like pipelines and internet cables – are on a five year upswing. Every year, more sensitive and critical infrastructure is being struck, damaged, and shuttered. Shovels and power tools breaking ground and hitting these unseen service…

Why An Infrastructure Package Could Harm Critical Infrastructure

25 May 2021, Posted by bdierker in All Posts, Blog Posts

Seemingly the only area of public policy left unmarred by partisan politics is infrastructure. Both sides of the aisle agree that infrastructure maintenance, resilience, and investment are essential. While partisan differences emerge when defining the scope of infrastructure or the price tag, there is clear bipartisan support for revitalizing American…