This afternoon, President Trump signed an Executive Order to speed up permit approvals for roads, bridges, waterways, and other major infrastructure projects by improving coordination between agencies, and making the process more predictable and transparent.

Under the order, each major project will have a lead agency responsible for coordinating with other participating agencies and moving the project forward in a timely fashion. This will streamline the review and permitting process, allowing agencies to work concurrently, leading to “One Federal decision” in place of duplicative reviews by multiple agencies one after another.

The Executive Order, which does not require a change in law, will whittle the normally perpetual review process down to two years, creating more certainty for infrastructure investors.

“President Trump’s Executive Order takes us one step closer to stimulating the $1 trillion infrastructure investment our country so badly needs. These investments will also create manufacturing and construction jobs nationwide, while saving drivers money on repairs due to wear and tear from our dilapidated highway system.”