What is a White Paper?

Our white papers are longer and more nuanced reports giving policymakers and industry leaders a clear roadmap through a complex issue. They cover a number of public policy challenges, focusing on pro-innovation solutions that can be implemented in a nonpartisan way through law, regulation, or simply best practices. These include an issue background, explanation of the challenge, and proposed solutions or recommendations. Aii white papers are longer than policy briefs, but not more complicated. To ensure you are up to speed and ready for these reports, try reading our policy blogs and briefs. Want a deeper dive on a single topic? Visit our Issues pages for background, challenges, solutions, and all our analysis on the subject.

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Improving Upon Our Dig Laws: Framing Out a Plan For Achieving a 50 Percent Reduction in Excavation Damage

December, 2023.

Unseen Threats to Texas Critical Infrastructure: The Risk to Buried Utilities and Targeted Policy Solutions to Protect Them

October, 2023.

Pathways to Decarbonizing Heat: Building a Holistic Framework for Evaluating and Ranking Decarbonization Strategies for Industrial Heat in Light of Economic Efficiency, Public Policy, Timing Readiness, and Infrastructure Realities

September, 2023.

Evaluating Train Length: Mitigating the Costs and Enhancing the Benefits of Longer Trains

August, 2023.

Improving Upon Our Dig Laws: Why Data Must Take Center Stage to Reform Damage Prevention

January, 2023.

The Safety Impact of Technology and Crew Size: An analysis of accident data, incorporation of technology, and train crew staff levels on rail safety trends

December, 2022.

Consensus Around Technologies: The Key Communications Technologies that Need to be Adopted to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Excavation Damages

July, 2022.

Excavation Damage to Underground Infrastructure: A Look at the Federal Damage Prevention Approach

April, 2022.

A Sustainable Energy Model

January, 2022.

FEATURE: Ensuring Resilient Infrastructure and Climate Balance

January, 2022.

ESG in the Oilfield

December, 2021.

Improving Upon Our Dig Laws: Evaluating an Anomalous Year, Incorporating Technology, and Applying Lessons from the Past Decade

December, 2021.

How the U.S Moves Hazardous Materials

July, 2021.

Improving Upon Our Dig Laws: Proactive Steps to Combat Five Years of Rising Excavation Damage

December, 2020.

2020 Damage Prevention Report Card

October, 2020.

811: One-Call Before You Dig : The Development and Future of Damage Prevention Efforts

August, 2020.

Improving Upon Our Dig Laws: Excavation Damage, Data, and Trends for Industry and Policymaker Analysis

April, 2020.

The Revenue Failure of the Highway Trust Fund: Why the Gas Tax is Obsolete

February, 2020.

Back On Track II: How Innovation and Automation Improve Rail Safety

July, 2019.

Building a Smarter Electric Grid: How Investing In Smarter Electricity Will Energize America

July, 2017.

ARCTIC PROMISE: Challenges and Opportunities in Realizing the Next Generation of U.S. Arctic Infrastructure

February, 2017.

The Energy (Dis)Union: Challenges and Opportunities in the Emerging Market

October, 2016.

(POLISH) The Energy (Dis)Union: Challenges and Opportunities in the Emerging Market

October, 2016.

(ITALIAN) The Energy (Dis)Union: Challenges and Opportunities in the Emerging Market

October, 2016.

Improving Upon Our Dig Laws: How State Legislatures Can Help Us Dig Safer

August, 2016.

Damage Prevention Report Card

June, 2016.

Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund: Broken or Misused?

May, 2016.

Aii Chairman Publishes Report in European Energy Journal

March, 2016.

The Jones Act: Protectionism v. Global Trade

January, 2016.

Back on Track: Bringing Rail Safety into the 21st Century

August, 2015.

Energy as an Instrument of Foreign Policy

June, 2015.

The Highway Trust Fund: A History, Analysis, Discussion, and Assessment for Improving Solvency

May, 2015.